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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

9 Curiouser and Curiouser



Move forward, then back off! The best strategy on this level is to send a few initial volleys of shots to a group of buggers, then back off and let them follow you. This should work for most of the rooms, but be careful that you don't get stuck between two approaching fronts. You can also use the doors as effective blockers, as well as giving you an advantage by being able to grenade their feet as they open the door.

There are a lot of goodies (save terminals, shield regenerators) in the sewage filled areas. Most of these are filled above your waist, so make sure you aim high at many of the monsters you fight.

To activate the bridges to get across to the final part of the level, use an overloaded fusion pistol...its the most accurate weapon at your disposal.


If you happen to fall in the large circular sludge river that goes around the entire level, you'll find some ammo stashes, including a shotgun, and a 2x shield regenerator. You'll need to traverse this river to the other side of the level to find stairs that lead out of it. There is also a set of submerged stairs that lead to a secret door that will get you out of the moat as well.











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