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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

22 Kill Your Television



Once you've killed the tank guys in the first part of the level, look at the central pillar. On one side you'll notice a square that's a bit darken than the rest of the column. This opens to reveal a switch which you should hit to continue with the level.

Also, you can see a door under water in one of the pillars on the outside of the first room. Enter the door, look at the terminal, then hit your swim key. You'll float to the top of the column and out onto the ledge that surrounds the first room. The rest of the level is gotten to by dropping in the pool by the column on the other side of the level. Similar philosophy works for most of the rest of the level as well.

At one point, there will be a large room with some opening that are off the ground and some water at the bottom. In the same area of the map, there is another room that is already filled with water, and a switch just immersed in the water. Hit the switch from afar to cause the water to drain from this room and to fill up the other room, which will now let you access the openings.

Watch for the darkened wall area as above in the room with 4 quadrants separated by water...this door leads to an elevator that eventually gets you the flame thrower and more ammo.

The exit is the underwater terminal that is near the intersection of all the separate parts of the map (not the first terminal you see on the level).


There are no known secrets on this level.











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