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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

24 Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks



Initially, you'll open the first door and see two sets of red squares on your radar coming from either direction. Don't worry, just back up to the door and wait for the Fl'ickta and the Pfhor to fight it out. You will probably be left with one or two Pfhor to take care of, but they should be easier to handle then the whole set.

At one point, there is a switch that raises a platform that is just to the left of the switch. In order to ride the platform up, you just need to be on the far right of the platform, and you should still be able to hit the switch yourself with no problem.

Although once you've hit the tower switches, you can teleport out through the terminal near the towers, its just as easy to go back to the start of the level to recharge and save, then leave via those terminals.


If you go back two 'sections' from the rising platform in the clockwise direction (on the map), there is a secret door on the inside wall of the section that leads to a huge ammo supply. (Floating ammo too! This is just cool to see, much less to pick up!)











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