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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

6 We're Everywhere



Stay behind the BOBs at the beginning of the level. The S'pht bolts will destroy them first, and then you can grab their ammo off their bodies. Then quickly flee into the safety of the water before another wave of bolts comes at you.


In the room south of the 2x shield regenerator, there is a room that has two hexagonal pillars in it, and several switches. Before you can attempt to enter this room, you need to destroy the grid-like panel that is near the shuttle bay doors. Once this switch is destroyed, return to the above room, and hit the switch in the southeast corner of the room (the one that is nearly halfsubmerged in the sewage), which both activates one of the platforms, as well as opens a secret door back at the beginning of the level near where the fusion pistol is located. By following the secret door that is revealed, you'll enter this room. Jump across from the rising platform to the other one, then hit the switch on the northwest wall to activate this platform. At its apex is a horde of shotgun ammo. Be careful not to hit the switch in the northeast wall, as there is a destructible panel which you will most likely hit with a grenade shot, and which renders the other switches in this room inoperative.

On the side of the map where you need to open the shuttle bay doors, there is a narrow shelf just above the water level that has a small ammo cache on it.











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