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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

17 Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry



At the beginning points of this level, you'll want to keep your ears open for the sound of alien muttering, because this will clue you in as to when the aliens will teleport in. You'll want to take this part slow, killing all the aliens that teleport in one batch first before continuing to the next batch. Also, note that at each set of doors, two enforcers will teleport in when you get close, so watch out here as well. It is best to verify that you've cleared out this central area first before continuing with the rest of the level (run around the outer ring twice to verify this).

Basically, the rest of the level is: enter an as-yet-unexplored door, kill aliens that teleport into the room behind it, hit a switch at the far end of the room, and then return to the central area to destroy a circuit, which then opens up yet another door to explore. However, before you destroy the switch, you should get regenerated and save your the 4th or 5th circuit, the destruction of the circuit will cause the save terminals and shield regenerators to go off line.

In two of the rooms, you have to walk down a ledge surrounded by plasma, to a door that opens automatically, and into a room filled with plasma, and a platform that begins to sink as soon as you step on it. The switch that reveals the circuit is just below the liquid level at the back of the room, and you can hit it as soon as you start to take damage from the plasma. The switch that opens the door to get out is to the left of the door...swim and hit this, then turn for the door. If necessary, you may want to fire downward with your MA-75 to get some lift in the low gravity in order to get out.


There are no known secrets on this level.











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