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Marathon 2

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And you thought Marathon was the tough part...

In the last few moments of sweet victory over the Pfhor and Durandal, you are suddenly swept away by the rampant computer, and put in cold storage for several year.

Waking up much later, you find yourself several lightyears from known space, at the planet of Lh'walon, the supposed home of the S'pht race. Secrets and technologies lie dorment, and both the Pfhor and Durandal want to know more about it.

And you get to be their willing assistent. Joy.

Important Note to Intel "Marathon 2: Durandal" Players

Though most aspects of the game still remain the same, various people have reported slight alterations on the maps. As I have no access to verify or record these changes, I do not have them listed here. If you are interested in helping to locate these differences, I'll be grateful.

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Network Levels

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