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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

12 Bob's Big Date



The general idea on this room is to let the rapidly rising and falling water level take you to various openings in the large room. From these, you can get to a save terminal, a 3x shield regenerator, and more ammo.

In the computer rooms, be ready with the fusion pistol...most of the buggers that will come at you are susceptible to it, and you'll have a better chance of surviving.

The switch in the large room causes the water level to settle down drastically. This will allow you to kill the aliens on the bottom, but these will generally attack each other (Troopers vs. Fl'ickta), and you shouldn't have to worry about them. Keep the water level varying as it initially does for best use.

To get to the final terminal, you only need to make a small jump (easily doable while running). However, once you enter this final room, you'll activate several tough monsters...back out of the room and climb your way back, then kill them before you jump over.


Several of the small pools in the smaller rooms have ammo at the bottom, including shotgun ammo.

There is a secret door near the base of the staircase heading north, on the east wall. However, the entrance is too narrow, and all you can do is look at some Pfhor and Fl'ckta fight it out.











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