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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

16 For Carnage, Apply Within



Its alot easier to continually move in the green platform room instead of waiting to fight the S'pht. You eventually come across a room with a save terminal and a shield regenerator, which you can easily defend yourself from the S'pht. A similar tactic can be used to protect yourself for the way back.

Alternatively, you can take this room slow and steady. Until you get to the shield and save room above, take one platform at a time, listening for teleportations. If you hear them, return back to the first platform and take out the approaching S'pht. Repeat until you get into the aforementioned room. Then use the same strategy on the return trip.

When you try to move up the stairs to the final door on the level, you'll be assaulted with tons of Enforcers and S'pht that teleport in. The best strategy here is to move all the way to the door, and let loose down there. If you notice, you can easily jump down and get to the above save and shield room easily, so use that as an escape route. You can then return and finish off the rest of the level.

You can also sneak past this entire battle by taking the rocket launcher, and blasting yourself to this ledge from the save/shield room. There are 2x shield canisters in the room, so don't worry about losing too much health. However, with proper aiming, you can do this trick without taking damage.


In the large slime filled room where you have to weave your way between green platforms, there is a slime filled hallway on the left side of the map that will take you to an elevator that leads to a good stash of ammo. Watch out for compilers and enforcers here, thou.

Also, if you go forward instead of turning right to get to this elevator, you'll come across another stash of ammo in the slime.











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