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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

15 Sorry Don't Make It So



Marathon players will recognize this level at once, and most of the layout is the same as before (until you get to the end part of course).

Most of the ledges that you see are prime ambushing spots, and as soon as you walk by, they will fill up with monsters. Whenever you walk by one, make sure your gun is ready to unload.

Your first priority should be to get to the save terminal and the 3x recharger that are roughly in the middle of the level. You may need to explore the level a few times to locate them.

At the end of the level, when you need to swim to get to the rest of the level, you should come up under the first opening you can...this should be the hallway outside the second half of the level, which is initially quiet and will help you get your bearings. Alternatively, you can swim up the 3rd opening, which should bring you to a small triangular ledge. Facing the plasma side of the ledge, there will be an opening to your left that you can jump to. Kill the Tank guy that appears here, and you can then use the 2x shield regenerator in this room to recover from your swim.


As with "Pfhor Your Eyes Only", you can hit the switch at the first bend, which activates the elevator in the nearby room that will lead you to a teleporter. However, in this case, it leads to a tough room that is much later in the won't have to take damage to get there as with the more conventional route, but you'll have a major battle to fight.

In one of the interior rooms, there is a small plasma pool off to one side. In it is a 3x shield regenerator. You can jump in and use it to get to nearly 2.5x shields (after getting out of the liquid).

At the point where you need to jump and swim to the rest of the level (you've just come up a twisting stairway, and there are two Pfhor guarding the top), head off the right and sink to the bottom. In this small room, a TOZT-R and ammo will teleport in, which will help you clear out the rest of the level.











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