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Version 3.1

August 4, 1997

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NEW (July 21, 1997)

What is the Marathon Spoiler Guide?

The MARATHON SPOILER GUIDE (MSG) is a compilation of the collected knowledge of the games 'Marathon', 'Marathon 2: Durandal', and 'Marathon Infinity' produced by Bungie, as well as several third party scenarios based on the Marathon engine. Much of the information in this document has been contributed by other people, and when appropriate, credit has been given.

Most of the information in this guide is meant to reveal secrets or hints on completing the game and finding hidden areas. Thus, if you continue to read this, be forewarned:


You *WILL* be spoiled if you read any further. I take no responsiblity for the disappointment you will feel if you inadvertantly read this information.

How To Use the MSG

The MSG is first divided into four parts: Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, Marathon Infinity, and Third Party Maps. For each section, the MSG is divided into sections, one for each level in the game, as well as some general information sections. Each level is designated by its position in the game. To go to a particular level, just click on its name in the level listings.

In case you don't know how to determine the name of the level, just switch over to map mode (default key: 'm'), and look at the top of the map. The name of the level will be there.

Level numbers are also given. To go to a specific level, hold down 'command' and 'option' as you press 'Begin New Game'. You are then presented with a dialog box, in which you should enter the level number you wish to go to. (This works in both games, although in Marathon 2, the numbering begins with 1 as opposed to 0).

How to Sumbit Tips and Secrets to the MSG

If you find a new tip or a secret that you would like to include into the MSG, you can send your information to mneylon@engin.umich.edu. Please be as detailed as possible so that I will have no trouble finding it for myself. I will most likely rewrite your tip or secret when I put it into the MSG, but you will still be credited for your contribution. Please avoid 'cheating' when looking for tips and secrets (such as looking at the maps with a map editor).


I'd like to thank the following people for their submissions to the MSG...

David Barabe                    mcphisto@mercury.sfsu.edu
Aaron Bergman                   abergman@minerva.cis.yale.edu
Dan Bradley                     dbradley@netaxs.com
Roger Carlson                   Roger_Carlson@atdmac.sp.trw.com
David Carlton                   carlton@math.mit.edu
Jeremy P. Condit                afn02635@freenet.ufl.edu
David E. Coufal                 dcoufal@mit.edu
Deacon                          pdwF94@hamp.hampshire.edu
Dave Duarte                     dcd3529@rit.edu
Mike Elness                     mike@lmsc.lockheed.com
Matt Evett                      matt@dryfly.cse.fau.edu
Richard Frankel                 richard_frankel@maillink.berkeley.edu
Rich Garrett                    rgg@telerama.lm.com
Jaron Ghani                     jaz@ghani.demon.co.uk
Nicolas Godbout                 nicg@godbout.interax.net
Kevin Hill                      kevin@coalhole.demon.co.uk
Robert James                    james@mte.ncsu.edu
Jek Kian Jin                    kiankin@ncb.gov.sg
Brian Jones                     bbjones@leland.stanford.edu
Eric Johnson                    ericj@vlsi.gsfc.nasa.gov
Richard Johnson                 johnsonr@hoshi.colorado.edu
Richard S. Keirstead            rsk@paradigm.co.jp
David H. Klein                  davidhk@fr.com
Julian Yip-Khoon Koh            julian@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Joshua D. Koppelman             joshua@MIT.EDU
John Mark                       bibendum@crl.com
Frank McIntyre                  frankmci@clark.net
Chris Murphy                    ---
Micah                           zeade@leland.stanford.edu
Kaz Ota                         ko16@cornell.edu
Jeff R.                         ruin@netcom.com
Matthew Russotto                russotto@pond.com
Brent Schorsch                  schorsch@apple.com
Justin Sherrill                 jcs1589@ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Tom Sherrill                    tbs3085@rit.edu
Anthony R. Stevens              STEVENSA@AUSVM1.VNET.IBM.COM
Debra Walker                    dwalk@primenet.com
Ben S Wang                      bwang@sparta.sjsu.edu
Albert W. Wang                  walbert@leland.stanford.edu
Conrad Wong                     lynx@netcom.com
Nobuhiko Yoshida                nobuhiko@can.bekkoame.or.jp

I also want to thank Jameson Watkins (WATKINSJ%ESUVM.BITNET@VM1.NoDak.EDU) for his proofreading and reformatting of the MSG before release, and for Mike Byrne (byrne@cc.gatech.edu) for pointing out that a single letter can make a big difference.

And of coure, I must thank Bungie for making one of the best games for the Macintosh in a long time, as well as their support for the Macintosh.


The names MARATHON and BUNGIE are property of Bungie Software Production Corporation, Copyright (C) 1994-7. All uses of these names within this document are assumed to be trademarked.

These documents are Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 1997 Michael K. Neylon. You may duplicate, transmit, and save this document as long as it remains intact with this copyright notice. You may include this document on any software collection.

Michael K. Neylon / mneylon@engin.umich.edu
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