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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

1 Waterlook Waterpark



The goal of this level is to install two chips into control panels, then return to the terminal that is in the lefthand pool room. This level is pretty much straight forward. You should be able to grab the MA75 after completing the level.


On the back of the switch above the left-hand pool is another switch. Hitting this switch will open a door in the larger pool room (mentioned below).

On the center of the left wall of the left-hand pool is a secret door that will open to reveal a second door, which is opened as stated above. This passage leads into the large pool room. Across from this corridor is a switch that will lower (or raise) the water level in the room. To left of the corridor, under the water, is an oxygen panel as well as a switch that will activate an elevator (right by the switch) that will take you out of the water and back into the pool room. The other passages in the pool room come from other secret areas.

If you can get onto the ledge of the farthest 'minipool' in the left-hand pool room, there is an automatic elevator in the minipool that will raise you high enough to open and enter a secret door on the back wall of the room that will lead to some ammo and to the 'shadow' room discussed below.

The shadow room, mentioned above, is the room with a light source on the wall that casts interesting shadows on the wall of the room. The opening that is out of reach comes from the above secret. Also, in the back corner of the room is another secret door that will lead to an elevator. At the top of this elevator are some passages: one leads to the large pool room, another leads to the shotgun and ammo for it and which finally leads back into the pool room.











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