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Marathon 2 - Solo Levels

5 Come and Take Your Medicine



Although what Durandal says is true about knocking out the switches and then returning, there is much much more to this level to explore, although it does get a bit hairy. Therefore, if you do go exploring, be careful.

There is a save term that is near the entrance to the level... if you go left after the series of destructible switches in that first room, you'll enter a small room...take the right hall pass a bright corridor to one more room, which on your left is a save term. There are also two other ways to get at the save term. From the ledges in the first room, if you step off the ledge far enough, you can see the save term, and you can jump down into the forementioned room. Also, you can use the niche that leads to the water system (with an automatic elevator) to swim a short distance to another niche that leads into the room with the save term. Be warned, however, that there are two Troopers and several flying drones ready to take you out as soon as you get to this room.


Near the upper right side of the map, there is an elevator that will take you to a high ledge. Follow this ledge to a door, watching for troopers. Behind the door are more ledges, but to the left is the entrance into the room that contains an alien weapon.











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