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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

17 Eat the Path



As soon as you step into this level, swim forward to get out of the lava, and wait a bit of time; most of the floor will rise out of the lava, making your progress easier.

There are two possible routes to take from this point. The obvious one is the one that leads north. Literally, you will follow the path, hitting various switches when necessary to make the rest of the path rise out of the lava. It is very straightforward, and needs no explaination. At the end of this path, you'll find the terminal that will take you to By Committee (18).

The second path can be found around the wall to the south of your starting point... however, you need to swim in some lava for a bit of time. If you do this, this path involves several tricky jumps, and some lava swimming, in order to make it safely to the end. As you can only get 1x health on this level, only the most exacting Marathon players can do this (without cheating, of course). However, at the end, you'll find a terminal that will take you to You're Wormfood, Dude (30).


While the floor is rising in the first room to fill the lava up, there is also a long wall that rises... jump on top of this, and run away from the terminal, and you can jump to a ledge containing a good ammo stash.

By taking the easy path, you'll come across a room with a large window of the landscape...if you climb the set of stairs, and make a running leap at the right side of the window, you'll `fall through' and come across three terminals that continue Thoth's story for this level. You can head back to the main room and step back into the level with no problem.

Also, by taking this north path, if you get somewhat low on power (about 50% to 75% of one full health bar, you can jump into the lava, and sink to the floor; the floor will teleport you to unreachable ledges than contain 1x canisters.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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