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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

2 Rise Robot Rise



Only the enforcers (the guys that shoot the alien weapons) are against you in this level, and your goal is to clear the level of them. The Pfhor and the hunters are all on your side.

Two switches that you have to hit are at the northern part of the map, in what looks like tongs of a fork. In this same room, you'll find a elevator that will descend to a lower level, and which eventually leads to the second part of the map, where the exit terminal is located.

Before exiting the level, make sure you take the time to get yourself 2x recharged and saved at the appropriate places near the last term.

This terminal will lead you to Poor Yurick (3).


There is a hallway near the bottom of the map, with stairs on either side descending into it. As you walk into this hallway, doors will close off on either side, and it will soon fill with plasma. However, if you let yourself sink, then swim up to the southern ledge in the middle, you'll be able to get out of the plasma in time... you'll find a 1x recharger waiting for you, then by exiting through the opening on the north side of this hallway, you'll find a TOZT flamethrower, and an exit back to the rest of the level.

In the first elevator that takes you to the lower level, you'll notice that one of the columns moves up quickly at first, then down again. If you stand on this column and hit the elevator switch, you'll be taken up to a hallway you can run and jump to, at the end you'll find a good supply of ammo.

There is a secret terminal that will lead you to the Robot World Arena (26), but it eithers requires quick feet, or two players to work this. By the elevator opening listed above, there are those two switches. One opens the elevator door (the south one), while the north one appears to do nothing. However, in the ammo cache listed above, this switch will open a door revealing the exit terminal to Robot World Arena. With two or more players, achieving this exit is simple (have one player get to the ammo cache, then another activate the switch). However, for the single player, this calls for some split-second running, and is quite difficult. But, as noted on the Robot World Arena, the only exit is accessible via a cooperative game, so this is probably a good thing you can't reach this.






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