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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

24 You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time!



(cue dramatic chords)

As the elevator is falling, take this time to take out the `observers' that are around the arena. It'll be easy to clear the level with them out of the way, and 4 rockets will do the trick.

Basically, the level consists of 4 waves of baddies: 2 grey Pfhor, 2 grey troopers, and 2 grey hunters, and a final juggernaut. The grey creatures are several times more superior to their normal counterparts, so be ready to run.

However, this level is made easy by using the one side room with the 3x recharger in it. As soon as you can, run about and collect the SSM ammo on the ground, then head back to this room, luring the current set of baddies back here as well. As they step around one side of the column, fire away with the SSM, and if they are still around after you've unloaded, run back out to the other side of the column, and refresh your SSM ammo. If you are lucky, you will also get the hunters or troopers to turn upon one another, and will make your job easier.

The juggernaut can be easily taken out with a fusion piston, either playing the column game with it, or using the upper ledges to do this.

Notice that I said to use the SMG - there's a good reason for this. You'll notice that there are 6 slots awaiting access cards. Each of the grey aliens, if killed by bullets, will die and leave a card for you. If you kill them with a missile or grenade or plasma pistol, they won't. By filling each slot with a card, then when you hit the final term along the upper edge, you'll be transported to a very nice weapons cache before being transported to the final level.

You can bypass this whole mess by rocket launching yourself up to one of the observation openings, and accessing the last term.

If you have trouble with the Hunters, you can rocket jump twice up to the opening with the save terminal, and then slowly take out the Hunters with 2.5x sheilds and some fire and hide tactics. Remember that you need to weaken them to a point with fusion bolts and rockets, then take them out by SMG, shotgun, or MA bullets to get their uplink cards.


There are no known secrets on this level. However, you can `cheat' and keep one of the access cards by killing the grey aliens so it can be used on the next level.






Secret Levels

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