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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

10 Thing What Kicks...



Same deal as with "Where Some Rarely Go". You vs. the world.

The most common problem on this level is that people forget to activate the right switches. In the southern part of the map, you'll see a small structure in the middle of the water, gaurded by several baddies, including a juggernaut. It seems impossible to get to this structure, but you can: take a swim, and on the eastern side of this structure, you'll find an entrance all the way at the bottom of the level. Enter this, and swim to the surface, and you'll find yourself inside this structure. That's step one. Take a breather, and save your game here, as you'll have the juggernaut shooting at you most likely. You'll notice two switches in this room. Both switches work the same way: if you hit it, another switch will be revealed. If you then hit THIS switch, you'll see a small section of the wall rise, then fall, next to this switch. Hit the switch again, and this time, deactivate the switch when the wall section is completely risen. This will cause the necessary doors you need to get out of the level to be `proped' open, and you can continue your exploration.

The switches that you are to destory are the ones on either side of the set of rechargers and oxygen generators near the northwest part of the map. They're quite unnoticable, but that's your goal on this level.

Surprising, your exit point is the ``same'' terminal as the last level, except that its now the one on the northwestern point on the map. Once you past the room listed above, you'll eventually get to it. The level after this is Electric Sheep Two (11).


There are no known secrets for this level.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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