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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

18 By Committee



You start this level naked as a babe, so your first goal is to get your magnum and health back. Once you are free, being exploring, taking out the drones and any humans that you see (there's more exploding humans than good ol' BOBs on this level, so might as well kill them all to save yourself). Eventually, you'll head down a flight of stairs, and find yourself in a room where flying drones are guarding several terminals. You'll also find your magnum here. After killing off the drones, get yourself back to 1x health, then head to the east to the rest of the level.

Even though the graphics for the BOBs show them holding guns, the physics for this level will not have them droping guns or ammo.

You can also save ammo on this level by only killing the drones that attack you.

Once you are saved at this point, you need to locate the dungeons on this level. They are down a spiral staircase that makes two full turns before it gets to the bottom. This is located in the northwest part of the map. Down here, you'll find several cells and several tank guys. Take them out quickly, but avoid going in ANY cell; they are programmed to crush anyone entering or leaving the cell. Find the circuits, and destroy them, then return to a terminal in order to leave the map, and to go onto One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things (19).


Ok, so you *can* survive the crushing cell doors, if you have sufficent health, and you are quick enough... because you'll find some cells containing a good amount of ammo for you.

Although most of the cells contain magnum pistols, there is one that appears to be closed up permanentaly. However, a switch controls this room, which contains a good ammo cache. The switch is located upstares in the room that connects the first courtyard and teh U-shaped tunnel. The switch, when hit once, will light up for a few seconds, then turn dark. This, in turn, causes the cell to open for a few seconds, then close up again. In order to prop the door open, hit the switch a second time about midsequence.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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