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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

25 Aye Mak Sicur



Again, the S'pht'kr are on your side here. Let them do the dirty work with the killing of the aliens. You'll also have a few S'pht'kr to help out, although they are mostly ineffecutal on this level.

There are two access cards you need to get. The first is in the center of the level, guarded by several hunters and a juggernaut. You can probably run through and easily get this chip without having to fight the enemies, but there is a save term and 2x recharger here. You may wish to reach these as well. Use the large column on one side of the room as cover, and lure the opponents in that direction. Fusion pistol works nicely here.

After you've done the first chip, and inserted it appropriately, you need to reach the second chip. There are two ways to get this one. First, near your starting point on this level, there is a door high above you, that remains closed, UNLESS the hallway is lowered behind it, using the switch in the same area. You then must missile jump yourself up to this ledge (yes, you need to be at 2x to do this), then you can run through the hallway, reach the room with the two columns, step around to the middle platform, making the chip appear, and then jumping to grab the chip. Alternative, you can reach this room without using that hallway, however, you still need to missle jump up to the platforms, so that you can activate the appearance of the chip. Insert this chip appropriately, and you're finished.

Alternatively, instead of rocket jumping up, there is a another way that requires a bit more timed running. Activate the switch to cause the bridge to decend as before, then run to the terminal next to the sludge pool that you entered near the beginning of the level. Do this by turning around at the switch, running through the wide door, and heading for the entrance that is immediately ahead on the left. There is a teleporter nearby, use this, and you'll find yourself by the door listed above, and it should still be opened if you gave yourself enough time. Collect the chip, and proceed as before.

Is this the end? (Do I have to do ANOTHER Spoiler Guide?! ;-)


The term in the room with the second chip is the second half of the encode map file mentioned in the first level.

You can access several passages and ammo stashes on top of crates with rocket or grenade jumping.

There is a secret term, nicked named the `Double Aught' term, that can be accessed, along with a good ammo stash. In the main circular room that contained one uplink chip an a Juggernaut, face the save term, turn 180 degrees. On the left, you'll see a door coming out of the wall; enter the door, follow the long passageway behind it, taking the first left you come to. You'll come to another door that opens onto a short drop .. move to the edge of the drop, look down, and hit the action key to open the niche with the secret term. From this term, you then jump into the VidMaster Levels, starting with Try Again (31).






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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