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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

19 One Thousand Thousand Slimy Things



On this level, only the humans, compilers and the Fl'ckta are against you. Let the Pfhor do the dirty work for you whenever possible.

One of the common problems is that there is a door to the north near the end of the map that is too far across a chasm to jump to. However, there is a switch that you can hit to make a platform come up to help you jump across. From the ledge facing this door, turn to your right and follow the left wall; this will lead you into a room with a stairway up the right side of the room, along with several BOBs firing at you. Take them out, then climb the stairway. You'll be in an area you can explore for a bit, but you'll also find a switch. Hit this switch , and head back west. you'll want to head for the high side, so you should enter the room with the stairway from the other eastern opening. From this point, you'll see several steps carved into the columns, which you can use to make it back to the western opening, and then back to the ledge you started at. However, you cannot be a slow poke here. That platform that you activated will only remain in a up position for a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can jump across using the help of a grenade jump.

The exit term will take you to A Converted Church in Venice, Italy (20).


There are several ammo caches in the sludge pools that you can swim down and grab, if necessary.

At one point, you'll use a pair of terminals to teleport across a wide space. Once you've completed the level (exploring the level), you can return to this terminal, and it will now teleport you to a weapon and ammo stash, including a rocket launcher.. with that, you can then easily rocket-launch yourself across the gap to the final door.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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