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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

3 Poor Yorick



Troopers and the small drones, as well as the Fl'ckta are your enemies on this level. The hunters will help you out here.

As instructed by the terminals, you need to hit the switches as indicated. Facing out of the opening of the ledge you start out on, you'll want to head to the right, following the only path available to you, hit the switch in the room with the save and communications terminal, then return back, going back the initial opening, hitting the switch down there, then following the communications further instructions. Mostly an exploratory level.

You'll notice two slots for uplink chips behind two doors on this level, but you'll probably not be able to find this uplink chips on the level. This is because you need to have gotten them from Robot World Arena, which, as stated above and below, is only accessible via a cooperative game. However, I have no idea what happens when these chips are inserted.

The main exit from this level, after following the terminal instructions, leads you to Confound Delivery (4).


One of the demo films of the game that's built into the application is of this level, and if you watch it, you'll see most of the secrets available for this level.

Near the upper level 1x recharger room, there is a secret door that will lead to a bit of ammo. Within this room is another secret door leading to the SMG and ammo.

There is a bit of ammo lying around just under the water levels in some of the pools; don't forget to take a swim to collect these rewards.

There is an exit to Two for the Price of One (27) on this level; To get there, start by the switch in the southeast part of the map. Cross the room and jump into the hexagonal pool, and swim along the left (eastern) wall...the southeast wall has a hidden door at the surface of the water, which lead you to some more water filled rooms, as well as the terminal to get you to Two for the Price of One.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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