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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

13 Naw Man He's Close



Ah, your first glimspe of hostile fusion pistol-armed BOBs. Fire away at them and the compilers with no fear in your heart.

Nothing too difficult here; mostly an exploritory level. In order to complete the level, you'll be opening switches that create a stairway near the first terminal you run across. This stairway leads to a passage that runs along the west and north side of the map, and eventually to the exit terminal.

There are 3 rooms that have a similar layout, and each is filled with a small layer of plasma. You can avoid touching the plasma at all by using a bit of MA75 fire pointed downward as you just across the ledges.

Near the exit terminal, in a long, wide hallway, you'll see a room to the south that looks tempting to enter, but DO NOT GO into this room; when the door closes behind you, you'll be stuck in there.

The exit to this level leads to Foe Hammer (14).


In the plasma filled room that lies to the west of the other two plasma rooms, there is an opening in the north wall that leads to some ammo, including a rocket pack. Continuing to follow this corridor leads to an elevator that takes you to the rocket launcher for that rocket pack.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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