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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

9 Where Some Rarely Go



This level and Thing What Kicks... (10) are a paired set of levels; that is, they represent the same installation, just different parts of it.

Everyone is against you in this level as well.

As outlined by the terminals, your goal is to get to the terminal on the south eastern part of the map. Once there, you'll be trasported to Thing What Kicks... (10).

In order to simply your travel through the level, you can use the switch as describe in the general principles to activate the large doors on the northeast side of the map, then deactivate the switch to keep the doors open.


Near the bottom of the map, you'll encounter three square lifts, each which will crush you if you stay on them for too long. Facing them, the rightmost one will let you continue with the level, as there is an opening that you can scoot through before you get crushed, but in the leftmost one, there is a secret door on the right side of the north wall, approximately halfway up the wall, which opens onto a passage that leads to an ammo stash and compilers.

If you manage to fall into the large pool into the south, there is a channel that heads south - this eventually leads to a partially closed door and a crusher. You can open the door by shooting the switch that is just to the right beyond the door. Inside you'll find a terminal, a save term, and some interesting Pfhor experiments.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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