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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

1 Ne Cede Malis



The general goal of the level is to open two doors that are near the start of the level in order to get to the end terminal. The switches for these doors are in sight from where you start, but just out of reach. You need to travel the level to reach these switches. Once both doors are open, the rest of the level is a cinch to finish.

All enemies are against you in this level.

There is a section where you need to pass through 4 circular, water-filled rooms, with compilers gaurding them. This can make it difficult to exit via the elevator in the last room. Instead of trying to clear them out here, swim through all 4 rooms, activating the compilers, then return to the ledge by the first room (there's a 1x recharger nearby), and take them out with your fist or pistols. Also, you can lure the compilers into the underwater passages between the pools, and then you can uses your fists to remove them from the game. Getting through the rooms after this is easy.

There is only one exit to this level, to Rise Robot Rise (2).


There is a room on the eastern side of the map which appears to have no exit, and most of the walls are the `platform side' texture. If you look carefully, you'll see there are `steps' that you can climb... run between these, and at the highest point you can reach, there is a secret door, behind which you'll find a compiler, and a terminal with a bunch of hex code: when combined with a similar terminal on the last level, this forms an archive which can be decoded to produce another map file. This map file is available at the Northwest HyperArchive ( There is also a napalm canister here.

If you climb the `c'-shaped stairway to the top, and follow a short passageway, you'll come to a room with 2 Pfhor, and you overlooking them on a ledge. If you look closely around the room (after killing the Pfhor), you'll notice two narrow ledges that you can jump to (ala Arrival from Marathon). If you jump to the largest of the two ledges, you'll find a secret door containing a shotgun and ammo.

In the last room, after you have teleported to near the exit terminal, there is a nearby ledge that contains shotgun ammo that you can get to with some fancy mid-air jumps. However, as you begin the next level without ammo, this is usually not necessary to do.






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