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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

15 Hang Brain



Once again, you're on your own.

Marathon 2 players will sense a bit of deja vu from ``Begging for Mercy Makes Me Angry'' on this level, and your task is very similar: destroy the circuits that open up you after hitting various switches.

Much of the level is exploration: find a switch, see what circuit it opened, then go off and destory that circuit. Proceed to find the next switch, dodging troopers and hunters all the way. However, you will only be destroying 7 of the 8 apparent switches in this case. The 8th switch is located in the room with yellow walls and compilers floating about, that lies `upstairs' from the rest of the level. In this case, once you have destroyed the 7 other circuits, head to this room, find the 8th circuit, destory it, and then located a door within the same room that just opened. Jump into this pit, save your game at the nearby terminal, and then exit the level to Electric Sheep Three (16).


When you jump into Durandal's core at the end of the level, don't destroy the circuit, but instead read the terminal. You'll be transported back to the beginning of the level. Make your way to the room with the stairs leading back up to the yellow-walled room, but there will be a new exit in this room. Follow this to locate a circular room similar to the main room in ``Begging for Mercy...'', except filled with TONS of bad guys and TONS of ammo... if you can make this room and survive on TC, you can grab more ammo than you'll even need to finish the game.

You can rocket launch yourself to a small ledge in the pillar near the start of the level, close to the pattern buffer. Follow the stairs to get to the yellow-walled room above, and clear out the compilers, but you still need to destroy all of the circuits to complete the level.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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