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Marathon Infinity - Solo Levels

4 Confound Delivery



Your main goal on this level is to locate the AI (similar in appearence to the ones from Marathon 2, which looks like several rows of computer banks), then report back to the terminals. The AI is deep within the underwater system, in a large cavern, and although you can't get into the AI room itself, you can look carefully through the 4 windows that open onto the room, and complete your mission. The location of the AI is approximately southwest of the terminal near the two switches. Of course, that's not to say that there's some other interesting things to look at and grab on this level.

In this level, the hunters and juggernauts are on your side (THANK GOODNESS!), while you need to pick off the humans and Fl'ckta.

Remember, sometimes a window is not just a window: there are several openings large enough for you to jump through.

The only exit route leads to Electric Sheep 1 (5)


Down among the waterfilled areas, you can find a fusion pistol, which you should be able to carry into ACME Station (a vacuum level) when you get there.






Secret Levels

VidMaster Challenge

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