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December 31, 2022 (Saturday) 12.31.2022

The top seven things of 2022 by popular demand.

  1. The Marathon Art of Craig Mullins.  Stolen artwork. Phhht! Just like that.
  2. MandaloreGaming's Review of Marathon Infinity.  A near death experience apparently.
  3. Jason Jones Interviewed By You.  Yes you! Ok maybe not YOU!
  4. Marathon Extraction.  "In the game, you are sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of colonists living on a hollowed-out asteroid near the planet Pluto."
  5. The origin of Frog Blast The Vent Core.  Another glorious day in the Corps!
  6. The Marathon Connection.  Bungie attempts to explain Marathon to Halo fans.
  7. The Origin of the Jjaro Boxers.  The tru7h behind the best underpants in the known universe.

December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) 12.27.2022

Jeoku continues his in-depth playthrough of Marathon with the Jason Jones level Couch Fishing,  the second level of the Counterattack Chapter.

As noted on the Marathon Vidmasters' Page Couch Fishing cranks up the difficulty a few notches. This is pretty evident in Jeoku's video but fair dues to him for filming this on Total Carnage.

The Vidmasters' Page does give some Tips and Tricks on how best to get through this level on Total Carnage with only fist and pistol. It's a level of two halves. A cramped maze like first section followed by several large deep rooms with high walkways. The final large room is the icing on the cake and Jason Jones stops you from being a wuss boy and running away.

Sources in the video include:

Near the end of the video their is a detailed analysis of the CRIST Sol Orbiters and how they might have worked.

There has been little or no discussion about the Cargo and Resources In-System Transports (CRIST) on the Story page. You have to go to the Story forum to find any discussion.

Back in July 30, 2001 William Spencer wrote:

"The CRIST terminal gives a good foundation in the world of Marathon - this isn't a happy, optimistic Star Trek world where Earth unites to send people off to cheerfully populate the void, it's a dark and dirty world where contractors and politicians scheme and struggle with an unhappy public. Makes you wonder what kind of missions a U.E. Marine is expected to participate in. Lots of "crowd control" or "peace keeping" missions, I bet. No wonder we shoot BOBs all the time - force of habit."

Mark Levin made an interesting observation about the design of this level:

"Through the only locked door, signs point to this level having a somewhat rough birth. Large spaces, rough detailing, random piles of monsters instead of the careful ambushes of the maze indicate that either the author was quite rushed by the end, or that the level was abandoned and finished by someone else. It's quite a jarring change."

One wonders if this was the reason Jason Jones failed to say anything about this level.

And finally a hot tip from Mark Levin about how to easily survive the final room.

"Someone below said that the door to the last room traps you... Wait about 15 seconds and it pops back open, and you can squeeze the monsters into a single line down the hallway."

You won't find that on any Vidmaster page. Dive into the mêlée. Endure.

December 26, 2022 (Monday) 12.26.2022

"Regarding this "Marathon Dr'ate'r" thing...proof positive that not everything you see on the Net is true. (No, really. Sometimes people lie.) Some guy grabbed some screen shots from another game, pasted in a few Marathon aliens, and a hoax was born."
Bungie WebMaster.  Letters To the WebMaster.  Round 13.  January 22, 1997.

Thanks to hypersleep for pointing out that the Internet Archive posted a Prey November 1995 Prototype on Christmas Eve no less. Nice Christmas present.

A what? I hear you cry.

It's an early prototype of the game Prey by 3D Realms dating from November 1995. Yup, the same month Marathon 2: Durandal was released.

It became famous (or infamous) in Marathon circles because screenshots from the prototype were used in the Marathon Dr'Ate'R hoax. You can even see the original Marathon Dr'Ate'R website archived on the Story page here.

Compare the following hoax screenshot.

With the one posted on the Internet Archive.

As fate would have it Bungie were all set to crank out a new 3D engine for Marathon 3D when disaster struck. The janitor had failed to mention that they were still drinking decaf and this was a sprint not a Marathon.

In the grizzled words of Rob McLees:

"We start to do some concept stuff for an FPS, but we know that we can't beat id to the shelves with Quake, so we say 'f*ck that!' We got called a Doom clone with Marathon, and we don't want that to happen again."

December 25, 2022 (Sunday) 12.25.2022

As has been the tradition these past years General-RADIX has created a new piece of Marathon-inspired Christmas art for this year.

Here is her past Marathon-inspired Christmas art.

2020 and smoochy... smoochy

General-RADIX's Christmas art from last year always raises a few eyebrows when folks are asked to name all the items hanging on the tree. How many can you name?

Good luck.

December 24, 2022 (Saturday)   Home Pfhor the Holidays 12.24.2022

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the ship
not a creature was stirring, not even a S'pht.
'Cause... now I have a machine gun
HO... HO... HO.

Merry Christmas to all Story page readers... everywhere!

And to get you into that festive Marathon spirit here are some cool yule tidings from ghosts of Christmas past:

President People's The Twelve Days of CRISTmas (V2).

Ben Wigler's Jingle Bells.

Dr. Lex's Jingle Bobs!
According to the good Doctor himself:   "Remember Jingle Bobs? If you don't have the Marathon 2 CD, you've missed something. Luckily, this map brings the original Jingle Bobs to your own Mac, performed live by the Bob Boogie Choir."

poena.dare's The White Christmas Term.

Battle Cat's  Christmas Aboard the Marathon
The 12 Days of Marathon Christmas.

Have a good one. :)

December 23, 2022 (Friday) 12.23.2022

"There are twenty-six seconds of silence because...well, how many miles are there in a Marathon?"
Bungie WebMaster.  Letters To the WebMaster.  Round 15.  March 25, 1997.

Christmas Eve is almost upon us. Draw closer to the fire... time for one more story. One more story before twelve, just to keep us warm.

Jingle Bells or Jingle Bobs?  I get asked this a lot.

Now some of you are thinking... Jingle WHAT?

So let's backtrack here.

It's November 21, 1995 and Marathon 2: Durandal is shipping. If you were lucky enough to get the right CD you got two bonus music tracks. The Marathon 2: Durandal theme music and an unnamed track of Doug Zartman's Bob sounds arranged to the tune of Jingle Bells.

The track would later be officially listed by Bungie with the title "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This..."

The track contained 26 seconds of silence at the start. We would later learn that Alex Seropian added this to mark the fact that there are 26 miles in a Marathon. So if you persevere through the 26 seconds of silence you are rewarded with an amusing Christmas themed song of Bob sounds.

The opening Bob line "I've Got A Bad Feeling About This..." never actually appears in the final game, though it did appear in the Marathon 2 Preview.

The line is a variant of the well-known phrase in Star Wars "I have a bad feeling about this" which itself is a variant of the original line "I have a very bad feeling about this" delivered by Luke Skywalker in A New Hope (1977).

You can hear the original track below with the opening 26 seconds of silence. Only the last 20 seconds have the actual sounds.

So... Jingle Bells or Jingle Bobs?

The Bungie WebMaster called it "Jingle Bells" and in the Agents of Cool interview with Bungie, the Pop Quiz answer was "Jingle Bobs". Given that both Alex Seropian and Doug Zartman were both being interviewed and provided the Pop Quiz questions and answers I guess that makes it an 'unofficial' official title.

"Jingle Bobs?"     "Hell Yeah!"

December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) 12.21.2022

Happy 28th Birthday... Marathon.

Marathon shipped on 21 December 1994, 28 years ago today.

And what a journey it was.

From the Marathon Alpha at MacWorld Expo in January 1994. To the Marathon betas of May and June. To a completely different looking game in August/September. To the leaked Marathon beta, gamma, blamma during October and early November. To the uniquely quirky Marathon Demo v0.0 in late November. To the eggheads in Macweek in early December. To Last Polygon Filled Day. To out the door and in your hands.

Indeed one enterprising young chap made it all the way to infamous Level 14 by December 26 only to get stuck. Somethings would never change.

Happy 28th Birthday... Marathon.

December 18, 2022 (Sunday) 12.18.2022

Seven  days to Christmas.

Draw your chairs closer to the fire. It's time for a story.

Every Christmas the topic of the Holiday Marathon Music comes up. It's kind of like those party games where folks have to name that song after too many festive eggnogs (if that's still a thing).

Now some of you are probably wondering Holiday Marathon Music?

Well Holiday Marathon Music might have been consigned to some external redundant SPU cache field  of Marathon memory if it was not for one important thing. It was bundled on the Marathon CD in the folder called Marathon Goodies. Hidden inside the Holiday Marathon Music folder were three invisible files - the Marathon betas.

"These are not the betas you're looking for."

But I digress.

Holiday Marathon Music dates back to November 30, 1994 it was posted to by Paul C. H. Ho just seven days after the release of the Marathon Demo v0.0 and was a replacement Music file for the demo.

The Holiday Marathon Music file came with four festive music tracks and you can hear them below.


And so to that perennial name that song game.

Recently overheard on Marathon Discord...

There's a standing challenge to name these pieces of music, besides Music_00 which is "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town". Maybe we should offer a cash prize.

They're so intricate that it's hard for me to believe that Seropian or anyone else at Bungie composed them.

oh Music 1 is We Three Kings
it's an unusually jazzy take on it
but it's definitely We Three Kings
i wonder if Bungie even made these arrangements

Music 2 is O Little Town of Bethlehem, i'm pretty sure
i can see why people had trouble identifying some of these; we're not used to hearing arrangements of these that are this jazzy

Music 3 is the only one that's not immediately ringing a bell
i feel like i've heard the melody before, but i can't tell you from where
it might be an instrumental, which would be why i can't think of the words, but i can't guarantee that that's the case

does the story page really not answer these questions

Do I look like I know how to search the Story page?

So here are the answers again this year.

Music_00   Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Music_01   We Three Kings (Free Time)
Music_02   O Little Town of Bethlehem
Music_03   I Wonder As I Wander  

They were all royalty free jazz arrangements of traditional Christmas songs in MIDI format from an alt.binaries.midi newsgroup in the early 90s.

Since most of you are now fast asleep we will probably be having this same conversation next year.

All cash prizes are welcome.

December 17, 2022 (Saturday) 12.17.2022

"Marathon has finaled and is in duplication. Should be shipping on Wednesday or Thursday."
Tuncer Deniz.  Marathon at the duplicators!.  December 19, 1994.

Happy Last Polygon Filled Day... oh YES.   But which polygon was it?

Fortunately for Doug Zartman Marathon began shipping on December 21, 1994 but the first 1000 copies were shipped boxless.  Jason Jones had this to say about the 'missing boxes' in an eWorld Conference held in January 1995:

"We shipped a bunch of flat packs (no boxes) to MacWarehouse before Christmas because we decided it would be better to send them 1k flat packs than 100 with boxes. I hope everyone agrees (same thing for Macworld SF) ... I'm just sorry we didn't include a note to that effect in the package, as I think a lot of people would have liked to be given a reason for not getting a box."

December 16, 2022 (Friday) 12.16.2022

Jeoku continues his in-depth playthrough of Marathon with the Alex Seropian level Defend THIS!,  the first level of the Counterattack Chapter.

Sources in the video include:

Oddly the video starts off with a short segment from the previous level Never Burn Money. I initially thought that Jeoku was going to show the secret ammo stash in the room with the replacement circuits which wasn't shown in the last video.

But no.

So here it is.

December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 12.14.2022

Last polygon filled 6:05 PM Saturday, December 14.
Carnage ensued closely thereafter. Er, I mean sleep.

Bungie's credits terminal.  Ingue Ferroque (Terminal 2).  December 21, 1994.

Happy Last Polygon Filled Day... err no... find out the tru7h... here

December 11, 2022 (Sunday) 12.11.2022

"Sacrifice to the polygon gods before beginning a map. This will increase your Karma and allow the best possible outcome. This sacrifice is simple, just say "I make a sacrifice to the polygon gods." If you have a glass of wine handy, pour it onto the floor. Likewise, if you have some fatty portions, burn them. "
Double Aught.  Hastur's Workshop.  Making a Good Netmap.  December 11, 1996.

Happy Carnage Soccer Day.

This day 26 years ago Double Aught released their first free Marathon Infinity network map entitled 'Carnage Soccer'.

The Carnage Soccer Readme stated:

This map was made by Greg Kirkpatrick in December using Forge. It took about two hours.

Some two decades later Greg would revise this figure down... err... ever so slightly.

"I remember the day we made carnage soccer. It took about 10 minutes to make the map and change the physics model."

As Durandal would say...

Time is limited. For you, it is limited by the breakdown of the neurons in your brain.

But I digress.

Carnage Soccer was later released in two versions (fast and slow) as part of Double Aught's Coriolis Loop net map pack. The Read Me read:

Carnage Soccer: Looking for an outlet for his otherwise stagnant mind, Toolboi sought avenues of fun using Marathon, but twisting its original intention. Carnage Soccer is the result: a completely different kind of Marathon Carnage.

Carnage Soccer had that schoolyard edginess to it.

Double Aught and Bungie were no strangers to edgy schoolyard netgame types. After all Marathon 2: Durandal had the unimplemented 'Pile on Greg' and 'Keep Away from Rob' netgames.

Maybe everyone had eaten cereal with milk that was about to go bad...

But that's a story for another day.

Today is Happy Carnage Soccer Day.

And on this day I leave the final words to Double Aught.

"There are only 2 ways to die. Nobody can ever get a kill. You'll see."
Double Aught. Carnage Soccer Readme. December 11, 1996.

December 5, 2022 (Monday) 12.05.2022

"It also had an extremely difficult secret area that hid a story that I wrote while working on Marathon. I'd have to say that looking back on the whole thing, I'm much more happy with the level than with the Gherrit White story, although I think the story added quite a bit of mystery to those who found it."
Greg Kirkpatrick. Marathon. Never Burn Money. Creator comments. April 1997.

Jeoku continues his in-depth playthrough of Marathon with the Greg Kirkpatrick level Never Burn Money.

Sources in the video include:

I leave the last words to Jason Jones.

"Wasn't it obvious after Gheritt White, even if you missed it in Pathways?"
Jason Jones. Jason Jones Interviewed By You. December 18, 2001.

November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 11.30.2022

"Marathon Infinity picks up the story at the very moment of Marathon 2's cataclysmic climax, with a storyline that can only be described as mind-bending."
Mordia and Matt Soell.  Bungie Software.  The Marathon Connection.  April 18, 2002.

MandaloreGaming's review of Marathon Infinity has just reached 1 million views.

Not to be out done MandaloreGaming's review of Pathways Into Darkness broke the 1 million barrier a few days ago.

So what happened to the Marathon 2 review?

November 27, 2022 (Sunday) 11.27.2022

"We were just sitting around talking about things, and i blabbin on and on about Larry Niven : "ringworld", Man-Kzin wars, etc. I read all those many years ago, but i still remember them... Take any well known sci-fi writer and there's a good chance that someone who's worked on Marathon has read (read:all) his works."
Greg Kirkpatrick.  Inspiration behind the game?  June 1, 1996.

Some months after the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, Peter "Mordia" Marks and Matt Soell of Bungie Software wrote an article entitled The Marathon Connection for the new Halo section of (aka Halo: Tru7h and Reconciliation).

This provided Halo fans new to Bungie with some insights into the Marathon series and the connection between Marathon and Halo. After all the Marathon symbol could be found throughout Halo. Fans wanted to know the tru7h.

Here's one interesting piece from the article:

"There's something you should know about AIs. Cortana on the Pillar of Autumn is a new kind of AI, a construct created from the personality of a living (or once living) human being. The AIs on the Marathon (and those ships that preceded it) were actually complicated computer systems. So complicated that they tended to have their own personalities, and sometimes this was... er,  problematic."

Now for the first time on the Story page here is the full unabridged article - The Marathon Connection.

You can't handle the tru7h!   Halo: Marathon Evolved.

November 23, 2022 (Wednesday) 11.23.2022

"Actually you're not real and right now, you're inside a computer game, where someone else is directing your actions and wearing a virtual reality body suit. That other person is now making you read this instead of playing the Marathon demo for the 36th time..."
Bungie Software.  Marathon Demo.  DON'T READ THIS!!!  November 23, 1994.

Happy Marathon Demo day.

This day 28 years ago the Marathon Demo v0.0 was uploaded to AOL by Tuncer Deniz (Inside Mac Games).

Marathon fans grabbed their CyberMaxx VR Headsets and entered the Bungieverse.

However Kevin Koy, chief executive of VictorMaxx, advised against prolonged use of their CyberMaxx VR Headset, adding:

"Users should always be tethered to their seats. Otherwise you can walk off a balcony."

But as every Marathoner knows... only you would survive the fall.

Happy Marathon Demo day.

November 21, 2022 (Monday) 11.21.2022

"Marathon 2 presently has no set release date. No, I don't even have an approximate one. No, I won't hazard a guess. No, I won't e-mail all the details to anyone "off the record." There isn't a release date yet. I will post as soon as I know what the release date will be."
Matt Soell (Bungie Tech Support). Bungie Announces Marathon 2. America Online. July 19, 1995.

Happy Marathon 2 release day.

Yes folks, this day 27 years Marathon 2: Durandal began shipping. The official shipping date had been November 30, 1995 but Cyberian Outpost had copies and was fulfilling their orders. In fact, the first copy of Marathon 2: Durandal rolled off the production line eleven days earlier on November 10, 1995.

November 19, 2022 (Saturday) 11.19.2022

"Back in the early days of Bungie, the team put a huge amount of thought into the background of the games, such as Pathways and particularly the Marathon series. The plot points were often hidden, so that they were only visible to people who looked for them."
Jason Jones. Interviewed By You. December 18, 2001.

Coinciding with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved on November 15, 2001 Bungie announced a new and improved with a new section called Halo: Tru7h and Reconciliation. Described as...

...a site dedicated to exploring the depths of our latest and greatest game. (We're in the polishing stage on this site now, and should have it online shortly.) You'll find strategy guides and tips to help you master the game, behind-the-scenes information about every facet of Halo's development, screenshots and concept art and music and other things you won't find anywhere else. Halo's universe is an extremely rich one, but Halo: Tru7h and Reconciliation will help you discover all its secrets.

As part of this new site Matt Soell announced on November 27, 2001 - Mister Jones and You.  A fan-based interview with the legendary recluse  Jason Jones.

The interview was published on December 18, 2001 and while heavily focused on the new game Halo, Jason did throw in a few nuggets about Pathways into Darkness and the Marathon series.

Including in the interview is the often quoted piece about how the Pillar of Autumn escaped the Covenant navy at Reach:

But forget the name, isn't it kind of suspicious that a single human corvette had any success at all against the Covenant navy, when in every previous battle the humans mostly just got sawed in half by particle beams when they tried to stand up to the aliens? (much less disabling four of their capital ships!) Do we know anyone who can work magic in fleet engagements against odds like that?

Ow. Somebody just kicked me under the table.

Jason goes on to admit that he couldn't believe how anyone ever finished Marathon or why Greg Kirkpatrick didn't shoot him.

Or why he stopped drawing after Pathways in Darkness.

Or what was obvious after Gheritt White, and what did we miss in Pathways?

Or why Bungie didn't talk for years about the Nar's coal powered starships.

Or why he would rather rewrite Marathon's quad rasterizer for the fifth time.

But I digress.

For the first time on the Story page here is the full unabridged interview - Jason Jones Interviewed By You

November 13, 2022 (Sunday) 11.13.2022

"OK. There's never a guy there. He moved."
Jeoku. Marathon In-depth #6 Bigger Guns Nearby. November 13, 2022.

Jeoku continues his in-depth playthrough of Marathon with Bigger Guns Nearby. This one is shorter at just over 38 minutes.

Fair dues to Jeoku for filming his untimely demise at the hands of a seemingly 'rogue' Pfhor. This is the result of a trick Jason Jones used on some of his earlier levels.

Sources in the video include:

November 12, 2022 (Saturday) 11.12.2022

"Jumping and ducking could have been in Marathon, but true 3D would definitely be a nice addition (and probably a necessary one) to a future Marathon."
Jason Regier (Bungie Software). Marathon Magazine interview. March-April, 1997.

Back in the myths of time there was Marathon Magazine (aka MaraMag).

The first issue was launched in February 1995 shortly after the release of Marathon. It was conceived by Ben Chess who acted as editor for a total of 13 issues until May-June 1996. Like many electronic publications on the Macintosh in the mid to late 1990s it was distributed as a DOCMaker file. The magazine contained walkthroughs for both Marathon and later Marathon 2, reviews of 3rd party maps and apps, internet Marathon sites, etc.

Somewhat surprisingly Marathon Magazine was reanimated in March-April 1997 by Nik "Frost" Manak who acted as editor for four issues before closing for good in December 1997.

This second iteration of MaraMag was notable for containing interviews with Bungie employees. The first issue had an interview with Jason Regier who had joined Bungie in March 1996.

Jason Regier's first job was to work on Marathon Infinity converting the in-house Marathon map editor Vulcan into a commercially acceptable product called Forge.

He then worked on Super Marathon for Pippin and then Myth.

Jason Regier tallest guy center back

You can read the interview with Jason Regier from Marathon Magazine March-April 1997. Find out his views on Pfhorte, Marathon 3D, the Myth story and the Marathon movie.

November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 11.10.2022

"Only the most hard-core Marathon fans need apply..."
Bungie Software. Marathon 2 Auction Action! November, 1995.

Happy first copy of Marathon 2: Durandal Day.

This day 27 years ago the first copy Marathon 2: Durandal rolled off the production line and was put up for auction in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The box was signed by the Bungie team and came with a notarized Certificate of Authenticity.

Starting bid was $100 and according to Bungie... "Only the most hard-core Marathon fans need apply."

Find out who won, what the winning bid was, and who at Bungie signed the box here.

Happy first copy day.

November 6, 2022 (Sunday) 11.06.2022

My feelings and thoughts constantly migrate to binary opposites.
Durandal. Marathon 2: Durandal Come and Take your Medicine (Terminal 1: 1st message). November 21, 1995.

"Decompress the docking bay"... are the first words spoken by Durandal in Marathon. When reading this your mind will migrate to a binary opposite. Decompression is bad. You move on happy in your knowledge.

In a refreshing take on this early piece of manual text B-Va in r/marathon asks a simple question:

" So, the shuttle Mirata is on course to rendezvous with the Marathon, but Durandal decompresses the docking bay to apparently thwart that attempt? Wouldn't the docking bay need to be decompressed in order to allow the shuttle to land..."

Then that truth you held onto so tightly becomes... doubt.

Decompression is... bad?

The person who wrote the Manual text certainly thought so... even questioning Durandal's sanity for doing it.

To add to this conundrum you are able to land the Mirata's Maneuvering Pod in an empty MP docking bay at the start of Arrival because it is decompressed (open to space).

Because the docking bay is decompressed and there is no one around to restore an atmosphere you cannot exit it the normal way (via the stairs). Instead you must enter the ship via an airlock. Based on the map of the first level this meant exiting the open docking bay and floating in space up to the airlock.

" Oddly , this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember...

November 4, 2022 (Friday) 11.04.2022

Ask yourself, "Is Hastur a Jjaro?"
Randy Reddig (Double Aught). (4th iteration). November 4, 1996.

Happy Hastur Day.

Yes folks, this day 26 years ago Double Aught opened Hastur's Workshop. Randy Reddig wrote:

A peek inside the mind of Double Aught's most feared denizen. With illustrations and step by step instructions, the thick veil of mystery is brushed aside as you learn to reproduce the devious tricks and nefarious polygons of Marathon Infinity's mapmakers.

Ask yourself, "Is Hastur a Jjaro?"

To accomodate this new addition the Double Aught front page had to be changed from this... to this.

Randy even created a banner for Bungie's own web site.

This of course meant that Greg Kirkpatrick was diverted from answering questions about Marathon Infinity's "Twisted Plot" to answering questions like... my map Sporkt... "Why It Don't Work?"

But I digress.

Today is Happy Hastur Day.

November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) 11.02.2022

Had a few queries about the Mirata's Maneuvering Pod seen in the Arrival chapter screen and in particular this piece from Jeoku's in-depth playthrough of the first level in Marathon. Folks wanting to know "Is that the back or the side?"

When Bungie released Marathon in December 1994 the hardcopy manual included a piece of concept art for the Mirata's Maneuvering Pod.

A little known fact is that when Bungie created an electronic version of the Marathon manual in DOCMaker format for the release of the Marathon CD in April 1995 they included a second piece of concept art for the Mirata's Maneuvering Pod.

This second piece is an earlier version of the concept for the Pod. Why it was included in the electronic version of the manual is unclear. When Bungie released the manuals in PDF format for the Marathon Trilogy Box Set in May 1997 this piece of concept art was not included.

Nathan Anderson on ArtStation put together a very nice piece of fan art some years ago on how the earlier Pod design might have worked.

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