From: (Robert A. Freidin)
Subject: Marathon GAMMA review
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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 1994 20:35:56 GMT
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Hi guys! I just got hold of a gamma version of Marathon! Actually
I'm not sure that it's gamma, but it has some extra features that
the beta doesn't have. For instance:

1. This one has music (but I haven't been able to get it to play..)
2. The civilians show up as yellow on the infared scanner
3. The weapon status bars look stupider...
4. The inventory window shows either "weapons" or "ammo", not both
5. There's a really cool "darkness" setting in the preferences,
   it gives you 8 levels of shading from darkest to lightest. Like
   the "gamma correction" in DOOM.
6. The title screen has "MARATHON" in a more Aliens-like font..

For all you die-hards, here's a file-by-file comparison between
the beta and the "gamma":

BETA                           GAMMA
----                           -----

marathon.fat   603K            marathon.fat  770K
Shapes        1841K            Shapes       2435K  (!!)
Sounds         891K            Sounds        905K
Map            230K            Map            90K
                               Music         198K

(Yes, only the gamma has a music file)

The gamma's map file only contains 1 level, but I replaced
it with the beta's map file and that seemed to work (I played
levels 2 and 3). I couldn't find any difference between the
beta's level 1 and the gamma's level 1, except that the
"wide-angle view" thing is in a different place..

Ok, ok, I just opened up the Shapes file for the gamma
in ResEdit - it contains a PICT resource of the control panel
thing you see while playing the game, and all of the other
'.256' resources are different sizes from the beta. There's
one extra one: "marathon scenery 1.raw", which is 77K...

I'm only rambling like this so I don't get flooded with questions
concerning the difference between the beta and the gamma. Also,
I won't give this out, ok? The demo should be soon (better be soon!!)

Bernie (