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Quiz Answers
[Pop Quiz] #1
1. The band performing the theme for Marathon Infinity is...
b. Power of Seven
2. A secret code word to get infinite lives in Marathon 2 is...
c. There is no code
3.One of the audio goodies on the Marathon 2 CD is ...
d. Jingle Bobs
[Pop Quiz] #2
1.What number appears repeatedly in Marathon's story?
d. Seven
2.Which Micronaut character does Bob resemble?
a. Bug
3.The new weapon in Marathon Infinity, the KKV-7 10mm Flechette SMG, has the ability to ...
b. Fire underwater
[Pop Quiz] #3
1. Choose the correct secret feature found in the "Eat it, Vid Boi" scenario of Marathon 2.
a. 2X Health Recharger
2.Sticker price on Marathon Infinity will be...
a. Less than Marathon 2
3. Which of the following phrases do the Bobs say in Marathon 2?
b. Good Shot!
Here are this week's winners of our [AGENT of CO2L] pop quizzes.

The winner of [Pop Quiz #1]was
Daniel Bradshaw of Evanston, IL, USA

The winner of [Pop Quiz #2] was
Tim Mason of Verona, PA, USA

The winner of [Pop Quiz #3] was
Josh Fishman of New York, NY, USA

If they pass our strict code of standards (read: don't work for us), they will win a COOL prize!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the [AGENTS of CO2L] pop quizzes, and if you didn't win this week, stay tuned for more new and exciting [AGENTS of CO2L].