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From: (MacManiac)
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Date: Thu,  6 Oct 1994 18:59:35 UTC
Subject: Marathon BETA viewed!
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O.K., I got a hold of the BETA version of Marathon.

Don't ask how.  I did.

Anyway, it's good.  Real good.  As close to DOOM as can be (it blows away 
Wolfie and Sensory)

It supports networking.  The sounds are great. Lot's of different weapons.  
There is a active radar, very cool.  Speed is good on my Centris 610, with 12 
megs RAM.  Only one level on the BETA, so it got kinda boring after kicking 
everyone ass.  

One glaring differnece between DOOM and Marathon.  You have the ability to 
look up and down, so viewing the roof and the floor isn't a problem.

Also, anyone know the PLOT of the game?  I'm not a avid reader of the gaming 
mags, so I don't know if they are in there.  But, there are good guys (what 
seem to be civilians) and also these wierd aliens (Whom you shoot)

To everyone, it's worth the wait.  Later October isn't bad.

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