Conference Transcripts

In January 1995 Inside Mac Games held the first of two eWorld conferences with Bungie's Jason Jones. This first conference was unmoderated and generated considerable noise but provided online folk with the unique opportunity of talking, albeit remotely, with Jason. A second conference was held the following month but this time it was moderator and discussion was less chaotic. The transcripts of both conferences were uploaded to the eWorld file library.

Fortuitously, Steve Wood <> had the bright idea of downloading both conference files, editing the first one, and uploading them both to AMUG. In doing so he provided us all with some very unique and important information about Bungie and Marathon.

Both the 1st (edited) and 2nd (unedited) conference transcripts have been available on the net for some time and are now presented here in HTML format.

1st eWorld Conference Transcript (edited)

2nd eWorld Conference Transcript (unedited)

In addition, for the first time ever you can now read the unedited transcripts of the 1st eWorld Conference. Noisy as hell but full of atmosphere. And when you read this spare a thought for Steve as he edited away in those hurly-burly early days.

1st eWorld Conference Transcript (unedited)

Thanks Steve.