1/10/95 8:58:45 PM "Conference Transcript 1/10/95" is now open for recording.

BartF      : Welcome Bungie!
ChrisSuley : I thought their name was 'BungieSoft'.
CourtJ3    : <--- marathon master
Tuncer     : Welcome Jason!
BungieCorp : Hey guys ... sorry I'm late, had some trouble getting on.
MaryT1021863 : it is
LTC        : <------Never played marathon
JasonWhong : Why, thank you , Tuncer
MaryT1021863 : quiet
Tuncer     : We'll be starting in about 3 minutes!
A.Steele   : hello bungie
Sabotage   : <-----Bowing to bungie to finally see marathon out after 
             5months (right amount of time?)
Peter A.   : This conference is getting big.
CWallner   : Jason rules!
Doug Lier  : starting what?
Kerensky   : Hi
ChrisSuley : Hmm, even the start of the conference is delayed.
A Burke    : 46 people!
TripleSoft : Hi Bungie :)
LEW002     : when do we roll?
Gary Makin : Hi Tuncer
Ralphey    : hello
Lll333     : When are they going to give it away
MaryT1021863 : I48
ETrekker   : Oh geez, choose between trying to win Marathon, or DS9.  
             Choices, choices!
MaryT1021863 : It's time!!!!!
TroyZarger : Anybody know about the game they are going to give away?
SAmies     : ::: Bowing Down to Bungie:::
A.Steele   : *Laughing*
Peter A.   : It's 7 already.
MC QUWINKY : Hey can anyone explain to me about this forum
Ralphey    : How do you sign up for the free Marathon
MC QUWINKY : what's it about??
Lll333     : E treker how do you win ds9?
MaryT1021863 : THis is getting boring
Boone      : You have to win it.
CourtJ3    : Wow, jason, you really packem in!
LStanford  : ?
ChrisSuley : It's nice to see such raw, unabashed materialism.
BENGIR     : MC quiwinky just leave this forum!
A.Steele   : *Welcome*
Peter A.   : Hey Tuncer don't you write for IMG???
LEW002     : when do we roll????
BartF      : to quote a line from "Dr No" 2 minutes and counting
PBGuru     : Bart, going to take control?
RonLFH49D  : I've played a demo of Pathways Into Darkness, but am looking 
             forward to playing Marathon!!!
JasonWhong : Hello
SweetFairy : Hi!
Ralphey    : Pathways was cool
Peter A.   : Marathon is great!
Tuncer     : Yes, I right for IMG
A.Steele   : *Cheer**Boo*
Boone      : Please let me win.
LStanford  : <--- Just got Marathon today!
Ralphey    : Fat chance
BartF      : Ok, let's ge t the ball rolling!
MaryT1021863 : If I don't win, I'm getting the DEMO
Sabotage   : Marathon is the best!!
Ralphey    : Is it good
A.Steele   : I've been GOOD!
RonLFH49D  : *Cheer**Boo*
NelsonT    : Very Nice Sound! (First timer here)
Ottoman Bill : (Demo is great)
Tuncer     : Please DO NOT send chat sounds!
A.Steele   : *Boo*
LEW002     : (Blastphime Q is hard)
Tuncer     : OK, here we go!
Peter A.   : Great.
A.Steele   : oh---SORRY!
BartF      : I would like to welcome Jason from BUngie!
Tuncer     : Welcome to the Inside Games conference!
Tuncer     :  
Tuncer     : Our special guest tonite is Jason Jones from Bungie
Tuncer     : Software. Jason is the Lead Programmer at Bungie
Tuncer     : and tonite we'll be discussing their new release,
Peter A.   : Hello Jason!!!
CourtJ3    : ?
LEW002     : hi jason!!!!!
Tuncer     : Marathon.
A.Steele   : hey jhason
Tuncer     :  
Tuncer     : We will be using protocol tonite, which means if you'd
Tuncer     : like to ask a question, please type a ?. Your host will then
Tuncer     : maintain a QUEUE and will tell you when to ask your
Tuncer     : question. 
Tuncer     :   
Tuncer     : Please wait until Jason types GA (for go ahead) to send
KEATS4     : Hiya Jason
Tuncer     : your question.
NelsonT    : Hi Jason
BartF      : And yes, there will be more than one copy (probably) given 
Kerensky   : hi Jason
Tuncer     :  
Tuncer     : At the end of the conference we'll be giving away
Tuncer     : a FREE copy of Marathon so stick around!
Tuncer     :   
Tuncer     : OK, here we go!
Tuncer     :  
BungieCorp : hey guys, great to be here.
Sabotage   : ?
LEW002     : ?
MaryT1021863 : Eighnt@!?
TimCarroll : ?
CWallner   : ?
Peter A.   : ?
PieterB    : ?
BartF      : Jason, tell us a smidge about yourself
CourtJ3    : ?
MaryT1021863 : ?
KEATS4     : ?
Todd fox   : ?
BartF      : before we get to questions.
ETrekker   : ?
BartF      : Yes,  I am checking the queue :-)
BungieCorp : well I'm still a student here at the U of C as lots of people 
             know, trying to decide between career...
WozSteve   : He can't get in 'cause it's limited to48 people.
NelsonT    : ?
BungieCorp : and school.  it's getting to be tough...
Ralphey    : a
MaryT1021863 : How many are they giving away?
BungieCorp : especially with the recent success of bungie.  i wasn't 
             expecting the company to take off like it did.
Lll333     : 1
MaryT1021863 : 1, 2, 5?
A.Steele   : Good luck all!
MaryT1021863 : Same here
PieterB    : I keep getting messages that too many bob's died. Does this 
BungieCorp : I started programming on the Apple ][ a long, long time ago
MaryT1021863 : QUIET ALL
Cconway    : ?
BartF      : shhh
BungieCorp : and have been doing games for years.  It's great to finally
BungieCorp : be able to spend all my time doing it, instead of doing it
Boone      : Do you own Bungie?
BungieCorp : between class or other jobs.
ETrekker   : Please, follow protocol.  Quiet, and to ask a question, type 
Boone      : ?
Ralphey    : ?
KEATS4     : ?
RonLFH49D  : ?
Xtreme1    : ?
Tuncer     : If you have a question, please type ? Please wait to be called 
             on by Bartf
Lll333     : ?
Doug Lier  : ?
MaryT1021863 : ?
BungieCorp : I'd really love to answer these questions, I hate talking
BungieCorp : about myself all the time.
A.Steele   : I gotta go-so make it quick
MC QUWINKY : ya right
TroyZarger : ?
Lll333     : ?
BartF      : Ok go ahead
BungieCorp : do I call on people or does BartF?
BartF      : this is ABotages turn
CourtJ3    : ?
MaryT1021863 : ?
BartF      : Sabotage
Lll333     : ?
LEW002     : in blastphime Q..on the demo...what do u got to do? ( u 
             know...when durandal kidnaps u)
Sabotage   : Are you planning to have it over the modem? I heard about a 
             patcht that will allow ARA coming soon
Sabotage   : or that will allow you to play it over ARA
BungieCorp : Sabotage: we are not planning to add any explicit modem 
GFrey      : hi
A.Steele   : Please-I need to go soon!
GFrey      : love the game
LEW002     : ?
LEW002     : ?
BungieCorp : to Marathon, although it will soon work with ARA.  early 
             versions of the game did work with ARA
KEATS4     : ?
Lll333     : ?
Boone      : ?
BartF      : Ok, Lew oo2
BungieCorp : but the feature didn't make it into the final release
MC QUWINKY : ?????????
Sabotage   : I heard there was a bug with ara
BartF      :  Then Tim Carroll
BungieCorp : i'd expect to see a patch soon (in the next 2 weeks)
Ralphey    : ?
PieterB    : ?
BungieCorp : the patch will also include some other fixes, like for the
BungieCorp : quadra 630 acceleration bug.
RonLFH49D  : I just found out today that I'm going to be the father of a 
             bouncin' baby boy in June! How about a fre
LEW002     : bart..do i have to type that ? again?
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : ga
PieterB    : ?
BartF      : No GO Lew
RonLFH49D  : How about a free game to celebrate?
BartF      :  Go ahead Lew
Lll333     : What dose accelerated for Quadra 630 mean
Tuncer     : Queue: TimCarroll, CWallner, Peter A., PieterB
LEW002     : in blastphime Q...on the demo...what do u have to do?>
GFrey      : How are you deciding who gets the free game?
MC QUWINKY : you like me right so you
KEATS4     : ?
KEATS4     : ?
KEATS4     : ?
MC QUWINKY : 'll give me the game right??
BungieCorp : Lew, do you have a more specific question about the level?
PBGuru     : ?
Sabotage   : ?
LEW002     : ok...
BartF      : Tim Carroll
MC QUWINKY : just kidding really how ?
Boone      : ?
LEW002     : after you kill all the aliens....
BartF      : Then C walmer
BENGIR     : ?
TimCarroll : The installer for Marathon was rather arcane, are you planning 
KEATS4     : ?
RonLFH49D  : Must sign off.. Good luck to all of your Bungie adventures!
Tuncer     : Queue: CWallner, Peter A., PieterB, CourtJ3, MaryT1021863
LEW002     : ...how do you get out of the level
TimCarroll : on changing this?  Everyone complains about this that I've
BungieCorp : on BQ in the demo after killing all the aliens there is a
TimCarroll : talked to
LEW002     : ?
FisherD    : Howdy guys!
GFrey      : I've got the demo, how do you get into the launching point
Sabotage   : Is somebody transcripting this to upload later?
BungieCorp : door that opens in the area where you started the game
Ralphey    : ?
GFrey      : on the first level
BungieCorp : there is a terminal there that you should check out.
FisherD    : Hi Woz
BungieCorp : TimCarroll: the original installer was indeed arcane
FisherD    : !
LEW002     : cool...thanx
Halibut    : ?
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : and that has been fixed in the latest copies we are sending
KEATS4     : ?
BungieCorp : out.  only the first 4k or so had the bad installer.
MC QUWINKY : ????????
BungieCorp : next
TimCarroll : So it has been fixed!  -- great!  You still expecting to see
MaryT1021863 : What made you think of Pathways?
BartF      : Queue, C Wallmer, Peter A PieterB, CourtJ
TimCarroll : new levels in April or so?
Lll333     : Do you like workin at bunge
ETrekker   : No one speak until called on!
FisherD    : For whoever asked, all eWorld Live conferences are archived.. 
             you can download them after the talk
BungieCorp : april or so, right
Sabotage   : WHere can we get a fixed installler?
TimCarroll : Cool.  I'm done
Timster    : ?
Boone      : How do you get into programming?
Lll333     : ?
Lll333     : ?
Saffron    : Queue: CWallner, Peter A., PieterB, CourtJ3, MaryT1021863, 
             LEW002, Halibut, Boone, Mc QUICLEY, KEATS4
BungieCorp : who was next?
Lll333     : ME
LTC        : ?
BENGIR     : Do you plan to do everything in your power to "kill" DOOM and 
             keep the Apple Spirit HIGH?
Sabotage   : I had trouble copying the disk onto my hard drive
SweetFairy : Can you be bribed
LEW002     : what saffron?
Tuncer     : Saffron will now be doing the queue.
Boone      : ?
Saffron    : :) Be nice
MaryT1021863 : Get to the game giving
PBGuru     : ?
Ralphey    : ?
LTC        : ?
Tuncer     : GA CWallner
Boone      : ??
CWallner   : First, congrats on releasing a great game for the mac!  There 
             are of course the unavoidable
Saffron    : right
MC QUWINKY : How can you win the game?? on this 
A.Steele   : Gotta GO all-BYE
CWallner   : to DOOM .
Lll333     : ?
Boone      : ?
Lll333     : ?
Boone      : ?
Lll333     : ?
LEW002     : i hope that what you advised me of works,bungie...thanx
BungieCorp : of course...
Boone      : ?
CWallner   : You have the networking down much batter..
Saffron    : Queue: Peter A., PieterB, CourtJ3, MaryT1021863, LEW002, 
             Halibut, Boone, Mc QUICLEY, KEATS4
Lll333     : ?
MC QUWINKY : bungiecorp
BungieCorp : we spent a lot of time working on the networking, maybe even
CWallner   : is htere gonna be alevel editor release,
BungieCorp : too much.
Peter A.   : Are you planning to make any other Physics models??? I would 
             like to do some zero G stuff.
BungieCorp : Bungie will not be releasing a Marathon level editor in the
Boone      : ?
CWallner   : or is someone going to have to write one? ga
BungieCorp : near future, although I am working with several independent
Dsweet     : ?
BungieCorp : programmers who are working on level editors.
MaryT1021863 : ?
Saffron    : Boone, I see you
Boone      : ?
MC QUWINKY : How can I ask a question about the game if I don'[t have it
Boone      : OK
MaryT1021863 : ?
Lll333     : ?
Lll333     : ?
Peter A.   : Cool, but when will they be out?
Lll333     : ?
CWallner   : ok thanks! ga
BungieCorp : i hope we start to see basic editors in a month or so, and
MaryT1021863 : ?
Saffron    : LII I see you
Saffron    : GA PeiterB
Lll333     : When   will you give Marathon away?
Cconway    : Are any of the level editors available yet?  Where do we find 
BungieCorp : maybe even a physics model editor in a few weeks.
BartF      : Ok, Pieter B  Go ahead
PieterB    : Does it matter if too many BOB's die? Where do you get new 
BungieCorp : who's next?  ya'll need to stop speaking out of turn.
Sabotage   : <----Thinking maybe this should of been in the auditorium ;-)
Boone      : ?
PieterB    : i am
Tuncer     : We'll be giving a few copies of Marathon away at the end of 
             this conference.
Saffron    : Queue:  CourtJ3, MaryT1021863, LEW002, Halibut, Boone, Mc 
             QUICLEY, KEATS4
Dsweet     : ?
Saffron    : me too sabotage!
Boone      : How long is the conference?
BungieCorp : go CourtJ3
MC QUWINKY : how can I ask about a question about your game if I don't have 
             the game
MC QUWINKY : what's the point of the game
MC QUWINKY : how do you play it
LEW002     : tuncer what time r u going to give them away?
Ralphey    : ?
CourtJ3    : WHat does it take to get started making games like Marathon?
Boone      : ????????????
Tuncer     : In about an hour
BungieCorp : CourtJ3 ... well, doing Pathways first helped a lot, because
BungieCorp : we learned a lot from that project.  most of the networking
MC QUWINKY : Tuncer are you the one who's in charge here of the giveaway's
BungieCorp : know-how came from our previous game, Minotaur, which some of
SweetFairy : ?
BungieCorp : you may have seen.
PieterB    : ?
BartF      : Ok Court J go ahead
Lll333     : ?
PieterB    : ?
LTC        : ?
Ralphey    : ?
BartF      : oops
CourtJ3    : I did
BartF      :  Mary T
BoscoMan   : Hi Steve!
BartF      :  Go ahead Mary T
BungieCorp : That's sort of a general question and I don't know how else
MaryT1021863 : Kill your Enemies, Kill your friends enemies, kill your 
Boone      : If we win, how do we get it?
BungieCorp : to answer it; as with any creative project we built on our
BungieCorp : previous work...
BungieCorp : who's next?
MaryT1021863 : Nevermind
BartF      : Go ahead Keats 4
Boone      : ?
Nolen      : Am I the only one who thought that the release version of 
             Marathon was supposed to have 40 levels?
BoscoMan   : What's up everybody?
Lll333     : ?
KEC        : no
Saffron    : Queue: MaryT1021863, LEW002, Halibut, Boone, KEATS4, PB Guru, 
             Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, LII333, LTC
SAmies     : ?
KEATS4     : What kind of Programs did you use to program the gane?
BartF      :  Go ahead Todd Fox
Ralphey    : ?
Dsweet     : ?
Boone      : ?
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : Marathon was written entirely in MPW C and assembly.  We had
Boone      : ?
Boone      : ?
Todd fox   : What is the situation with availability?
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : to write a lot of custom tools to create maps, edit the
BungieCorp : shapes, etc.  Photoshop and Painter were used heavily in
BungieCorp : working with graphics, and some MIDI programs I'm not familiar
Lll333     : How much is it faster is it on a 110 MHZ than a 80mhz
BungieCorp : with to do the QuickTime music.
Boone      : I can't wait to get the game.
Saffron    : Queue: MaryT1021863, LEW002, Halibut, Boone, KEATS4, PB Guru, 
             Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, LII333, LTC, 
SezZ       : Lets stick to protocol folks...
BungieCorp : next ...
Dsweet     : ?
Saffron    : GA Mary
Boone      : ?
Saffron    : ok, GA LEW
SAmies     : ?
Boone      : ?Please?
KEATS4     : ?
Ralphey    : ?
LEW002     : move me back about 5 people ok?
SweetFairy : ?
Saffron    : GA Halibut
Todd fox   : Bungie: Every place I call is out of the game.
Halibut    : Will it ever be possible to play multi-player games on the 
             non-network levels?
Halibut    : Is it at all possible now?
BungieCorp : It's possible now, with a little hacking ... :)
BungieCorp : Seriously, it's a great idea that we're looking into. 
Saffron    : Queue: Boone, KEATS4, PB Guru, Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, 
             LII333, LTC, Ralphey, DSweet
Lll333     : How do we do that>?
LStanford  : ?
Halibut    : Need to know the map format, huh?
BungieCorp : We ran out of time to keep working on the network game a few
NelsonT    : ?
BungieCorp : months ago and that was one of the ideas we didn't have time
BungieCorp : to address.  honestly, most of the solo levels would be boring
CourtJ3    : ?
BungieCorp : when played over a network, but a few would be pretty cool.
BungieCorp : I was hoping that someone else would write a hack for that
BartF      : Go ahead Boone
Halibut    : I'm looking forward to it
BungieCorp : and we wouldn't have to wait for Bungie's next official 
CM72       : i have a few ? for the man from bungie
MaryT1021863 : This costs alot!!!!
BungieCorp : next
SweetFairy : How many copies are you giving away?
Boone      : What advice cdan you give to get into programming, Bungie?
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it is your turn. :)
CM72       : ?!
Timster    : !
BoscoMan   : !
Boone      : Please answer.
Sabotage   : <------Knows how to get to the network levels without a 
SAmies     : ?
Kerensky   : !
BungieCorp : who was next?  
Boone      : Me
Saffron    : Queue: KEATS4, PB Guru, Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, LII333, 
             LTC, Ralphey, DSweet
Saffron    : GA Keats
BartF      : Boone already asked
MaryT1021863 : $12.00 per hour
Boone      : What advice for programming?
Saffron    : oh , yeah go Boone
CM72       : what bout me??
KEATS4     : What kind of programs would you sugest for beginning 
Nolen      : ?
CM72       : ???????
Boone      : Hello?
SweetFairy : ?
BungieCorp : Boone, first I'd say that to be successful at programming you
SweetFairy : ?
BungieCorp : really have to be doing something you want to do.  I love
MC QUWINKY : So Is your game at all like the game Myst??
BungieCorp : writing games, so it's easy, but if you treat it just like
BungieCorp : any other job it can get boring (I know plenty of people
BungieCorp : like that).
ETrekker   : ? !
BungieCorp : Find a cool project, maybe a small one, and throw yourself
BungieCorp : into it if you're really interested in starting programming.
BungieCorp : (like, maybe a physics model editor ...  )
Lll333     : ?
Boone      : TYeah, but what programming software do I buy?
BungieCorp : i'd suggest metroworks to get started.
BungieCorp : next
SweetFairy : How man copies are you going to give away?
BarkerJr.  : ?
Saffron    : Queue: PB Guru, Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, LII333, LTC, 
             Ralphey, DSweet, (and more ..)
MaryT1021863 : What's better, CodeWarrior or FutureBASIC
SAmies     : ?
Halibut    : ?
MC QUWINKY : Dude BungieCorp is your game at all like myst??
Boone      : Thanks, Bungie.
BartF      : Ok PB Guru
Lll333     : when is the drawing going to be?
PBGuru     : I have two questions - first - grenade hopping, why did you 
             require that tactic?
CM72       : Saffron you keep forgetting me 
CM72       : i have a ?
Teachin    : Marathon is nothing like myst!!
BungieCorp : grenade hopping isn't required anywhere in the game as far
BungieCorp : as i know, except to get to some of the secret areas ... of
PBGuru     : OK, so secret areas don't count towards flow of the game?
BungieCorp : course it's an essential tactic in network games for 
BungieCorp : players ... :)
BartF      : Go ahead Sabotage
Sabotage   : How about putting out a network team level for the regular 
             game so you could go through the levels.. 
Ottoman Bill : ?
Teachin    : I would just like to say that I play the hell out of your 
PBGuru     : for example, there are areas of extra ammo or powerups that 
             you can't get to without hopping
Sabotage   : so you can have someone at your back?
Teachin    : I have a network of power pcs at a high school and it has 
             become a great hit among the students!!
CWallner   : ?
PBGuru     : Teachin - we're under protocol
Saffron    : Queue: PB Guru, Sabotage, BENGIR, Timster, LII333, LTC, 
             Ralphey, DSweet, Todd FOx, SAmies
BungieCorp : Sabotage: like I said before, there were a lot of ideas we had
Teachin    : what the hell is protocol??
SAmies     : ?
Saffron    : Don't forget PB
BungieCorp : for the network game that didn't make it into the final
BungieCorp : release ... better team play was one of them.  hopefully
Lll333     : When is the drawing going to be
BungieCorp : you'll see something like you're talking about soon.
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
BartF      : Sabotage next
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it is your turn. :)
NelsonT    : ??????
MC QUWINKY : a   ?
PBGuru     : My second question was kind of like Sabotage - team levels 
             where you are against the aliens
KEATS4     : ?
Saffron    : GA PBGuru
LStanford  : ?
Boone      : !
PBGuru     : Is that what you just answered?
BungieCorp : next
Lll333     : ?
BartF      : Go ahead BENGIR
MaryT1021863 : ?
SweetFairy : What do we have to do to earn an oppertunity to win a free 
             game since this is my first forum?
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : There is a lot of room for improving team play, and we're
BungieCorp : looking into that.  We spent a lot of time making the game
Lll333     : ?\
BungieCorp : fun to play head-to-head.  Expect more detailed team play
Teachin    : ?
BungieCorp : (and in general better player/player interactions) in the
Tuncer     : We'll be giving away the prize in about a half hour! Stick 
BungieCorp : near future (but not as part of the original Marathon).
Saffron    : Queue: BENGIR, Timster, LII333, LTC, Ralphey, DSweet, Todd 
             FOx, SAmies, Sweet Fairy, LStanford
KEATS4     : Are you planning on making a sequel to Marathon??
Saffron    : NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallne
PBGuru     : too bad, my reg card is on the way...  done..
BartF      : Go ahead BENGIR
Saffron    : GA Bengir
KEATS4     : ?
BartF      : GO ahead Timster
SweetFairy : Thanks alot!!
Timster    : What game in  the marketplace is your game similiar to if any?
BungieCorp : next
Sabotage   : ?
MaryT1021863 : ?
KEATS4     : ?
Saffron    : GA LII
BungieCorp : Timster: in the Mac marketplace I guess you could compare
Lll333     : When   will you give Marathon away?
BungieCorp : Marathon to Wolf3d or Sensory Overload or Pathways, but it's
BungieCorp : really very different from all three of those games,
Nolen      : Amen!
BartF      : WE will give it away by a ramdom numbe r generator in abou t30 
BungieCorp : especially with the detailed network play.  I'd say Marathon
BungieCorp : was Pathways on steroids, and was written with full knowledge
Saffron    : Queue: Timster, LII333, LTC, Ralphey, DSweet, Todd FOx, 
Saffron    : Sweet Fairy, LStanford, NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallner, 
Saffron    : Sabotage, MaryT1021863, KEATS4
BartF      : GO ahead LTC

1/10/95 9:30:04 PM "Conference Transcript 1/10/95.2" is now open for recording.

Timster    : Sounds great, thanks BungieCorp!
MC QUWINKY : Is your game at like myst i mean by the way the graphics are 
LTC        : I'm a begining programer (13).All I know is Hypercard. How did 
             you start progaming. Any tips for me?
LTC        : What software should I use?
BungieCorp : of what we did in pathways that people didn't like.
Nolen      : ?
BungieCorp : LTC, I started back on the Apple ][ about ten years ago.  I
BungieCorp : can't give you much advice except to stick at it and do
BungieCorp : whatever you think is cool.  It takes a long time to really
BungieCorp : get good at this stuff.
BartF      : GO ahead Ralphey
Ralphey    : I heard that someone was coming out with a VR program to allow 
             games like Doom to be 3x as good as...
Ralphey    : Marathon.  Is this true?
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : I'd start with Metroworks if you're working on a Mac.
Saffron    : Queue: Ralphey, DSweet, Todd FOx, SAmies, Sweet Fairy, 
             LStanford, NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallne
Saffron    : Teachin, Sabotage, MaryT1021863, KEATS4, Nolen
LTC        : ?
Lll333     : ?
BartF      : GO ahead Dsweet
BungieCorp : Ralphey: hmmm ... a vague question; do you have anything
BungieCorp : more specific to ask about?  I know nothing about what you're
ETrekker   : ? ! (just
Dsweet     : What is your personal view on software security?
Lll333     : ?
Dsweet     : and the philosphy behind it?
BungieCorp : talking about.
Ralphey    : I was told not to buy Marathon because of a revolutionary 
             program coming out
BungieCorp : Dsweet: software security as in copy protection or as in
BungieCorp : privacy?
Ralphey    : Is this true?
MC QUWINKY : Ask the wizard of all games??
CourtJ3    : ?
BungieCorp : Ralphey, I haven't heard of any revolutionary 3D games coming
BungieCorp : out, especially on the mac.  usually when you hear stuff like
Dsweet     : Specifically, how do you you think it should be implemented.
MC QUWINKY : see ya stupid people thanks for answering all my questions
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : that, it's smoke (in my experience).
Saffron    : Queue:Todd FOx, SAmies, Sweet Fairy, LStanford, NelsonT, 
Saffron    : CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, Sabotage, 
Saffron    : MaryT1021863, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker
Ralphey    : ok thank you
Lll333     : ?
Lll333     : Are you going to send it in the mail or by E-Mail?
Saffron    : LII333, I see you, don't ask again
BungieCorp : DSweet: if you mean copy protection, I think you can guess my
BartF      : Go ahead Todd Fox
John Burkey : Hey Guys
Todd fox   : Is there a production problem at Bungie? No mail order place 
             has it in stock. I've waited a month.
BungieCorp : attitude toward it by looking at the copy-protection in
BungieCorp : Marathon: after typing in a serial number you never have to
John Burkey : Bungie is great
BungieCorp : do anything ever again.
Saffron    : Queue:SAmies, Sweet Fairy, LStanford, NelsonT, 
Saffron    : CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, Sabotage, 
John Burkey : Bungie is great
Saffron    : MaryT1021863, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3
BungieCorp : Thanks John 
John Burkey : Everybody loves bungie
John Burkey : hows it going?
BartF      : Jason, don't forget Todd
Peter A.   : Amen
BungieCorp : Todd: we were overwhelmed by demand for Marathon, and have
Sabotage   : What about privacy, bungie, I heard someone got in a little 
             trouble for letting the beta out
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please ha
BartF      : :-)
Sabotage   : to a few too many people?
BungieCorp : been rushing to find as many places as possible to build
Saffron    : ve your question ready
CourtJ3    : Are there any new weapons in Marathon then in the demo?
BungieCorp : units as fast as they can.  All I can say is that we're
BungieCorp : almost on top of the problem, and that it will almost 
John Burkey : Congrats on the great product, dude.
BungieCorp : certainly be solved within the next two weeks.  We'll also
BungieCorp : never let it happen again (or somebody will get fired!)
Boone      : ?
Todd fox   : Thanks.
BartF      : Go Ahead MaryT
Tuncer     : You're fired Jason ;-)
MaryT1021863 : When'd you think of the idea for: Sensory overload, Pathways, 
             Marathon, ect...[doom type games]?
BungieCorp : The unavailability of Marathon is really embarassing.
Nolen      : Hey John, the product drawing will be chosen by *random* 
             number not by sucking up. :) <--
CWallner   : Fire! Fire! Fire!  (sorry)
Saffron    : Did SAmies go?
Boone      : ?
SAmies     : Did recent speed advances  in hardware alow you to manipulate 
             the 5 dimentional freedom?  
BungieCorp : Mary, I have to admit that I first started working on
SAmies     : How was this acheived?  Texture on the fly has a  Stunning 
             effect  on Power macs. 
FisherD    : ?
BungieCorp : Pathways a few years ago because I was annoyed that nobody'd
BungieCorp : written one of those 3D texture mapped games for the Mac
Saffron    : Queue:Sweet Fairy, LStanford, NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman 
Saffron    : Bill, CWallner,Teachin, Sabotage, MaryT1021863, KEATS4, 
Saffron    : Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone
BungieCorp : ... both Pathways and Marathon, however, I think have a lot
BungieCorp : of stuff you won't find in any other 3D game (especially the
BungieCorp : very flat ones like Wolf3d or Doom).
FLCochran  : ?
Peter A.   : ?
Boone      : ?
MaryT1021863 : UN-Queue MaryT1021863
BartF      : Go Ahead Keats4
MaryT1021863 : Thanks
BungieCorp : SAmies: yeah, Marathon rules on PowerMacs!  Apple Rules!
KEATS4     : Are you planning on making a sequel to Marathon? (Like Doom 2)
Saffron    : No, Sweet Fairy
BungieCorp : Motorola is great!  Long live the apple, ibm, motorola
BungieCorp : trio!
Boone      : ?
John Burkey : Bungie is great
SAmies     :  Texture on the fly has a  Stunning effect  on Power macs.   
             Any good secrets to look for?
BungieCorp : KEATS4: I can't talk about unannounced products (and neither
BungieCorp : can our PR people anymore ... ) but I think you can
BungieCorp : answer your own question if you think hard enough about it.
KEATS4     : Thanks
MaryT1021863 : When do we do the raffle?!?
John Burkey : Bye now everybody- once again GREAT PRODUCT
Boone      : T-20  min
BartF      : Go ahead Sweet Fairy
SweetFairy : Right on John Burkey
Saffron    : Folks, please try not to talk unless you are asking a question 
             (and you have been called on)
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : yeah, john, stifle it about the bulls :)
John Burkey : Bye Saffron
Saffron    : Boone, I see you
BungieCorp : SweetFairy?
Saffron    : Queue: LStanford, NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman 
Saffron    : Bill, CWallner,Teachin, Sabotage, MaryT1021863, KEATS4, 
Saffron    : Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, 
             FLCochran, Peter A
SweetFairy : Nevermind
BungieCorp : ok, next
BartF      : Go Ahead Lstanford
LStanford  : Is there any hack that will allow different aliens in the 
             network levels?
BungieCorp : Right now there isn't, but one of the things I hope people
MaryT1021863 : UN-Queue MaryT1021863!!!!!
BungieCorp : start working on is some way to change the number and type
BungieCorp : of monsters and items in the network game.  The physics model
BungieCorp : editors will go a long way toward making the network game
LEW002     : I'm back....
Saffron    : Queue: NelsonT, CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, 
Saffron    : Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, 
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A
BungieCorp : more interesting (by changing gravity, projectile types,
Halibut    : ?
LEW002     : this room is big time overfilled
BungieCorp : speeds, damage, etc.) but being able to change the frequency
BungieCorp : of items and monsters would be really cool.
LStanford  : Hulks in the arenas would kick butt...
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead nelson T
NelsonT    : I'm still NOT getting background music,w/ all QT extensions on 
             (PPC) w/ 5100K, any ideas to help?
BungieCorp : are you using the demo or the release version of the game?
Saffron    : Queue: CM72, Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, 
Saffron    : Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, 
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut
BungieCorp : the demo had some problems which were fixed ... the best i
Nolen      : Turn on VM.
LEW002     : ?
NelsonT    : Got the game at MacWorl in SF.
Sabotage   : Did you turn background sound on Nelson?
BungieCorp : can say is make sure you have the musical instruments file,
BungieCorp : give it more memory and if it still doesn't work call doug...
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go Ahead CM72
CM72       : i have 3 questions......1 why havent you visited the forum on 
             AOL.and 2 why all the mess near release 
CM72       : time and 3 when will the ARA patch be released?
KEATS4     : What the heck is all this talk about network games?!?! 
Saffron    : Queue: Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, 
Saffron    : Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, 
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
BungieCorp : 1.  well, we've been busy.  believe it or not, we're so
BungieCorp : understaffed that I'm personally answering mail on AOL right
BungieCorp : now until we can get someone to do PR.
BungieCorp : 2. what do you mean, "mess" ?  marathon as a product had a
CM72       : i LOVE marathon by the way
BungieCorp : long history of being delayed, rewritten and improved because
BungieCorp : we didn't want to release a product we thought didn't kick
BungieCorp : ass, and I hope we were successful.
CM72       : well by mess i mean there are alot of angry people about the 
             credit card charging thing
BungieCorp : 3. the ARA patch will be done soon (I've already fixed the
Jamain     : You were.
MaryT1021863 : *Boo*
BungieCorp : Quadra 630 problem, and the ARA is next).  A few weeks.
BungieCorp : It'll be available everywhere once it's done.
BungieCorp : whew.  who's next?
CM72       : kewl
BartF      : Go Ahead Ottoman BIll
Ottoman Bill : Just curious:what is "grenade hopping?" & is there any secret 
             places/things you can share?
Saffron    : Queue: Ottoman Bill, CWallner,Teachin, 
Saffron    : Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, 
Ottoman Bill : (_Love_ the demo)
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
Boone      : If we win, how will the game be delivered?
BungieCorp : "grenade hopping" is what people have named the technique
Ottoman Bill : Last:  any good places here in Chicago to get it?
BungieCorp : which involves pointing down at the ground, running forward
Ottoman Bill : 
BungieCorp : and shooting grenades at your feet.  the effect is that you
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it is your turn. :)
BungieCorp : can "jump" up on ledges.  this is not required anywhere in the
MaryT1021863 : When do we do the raffle?!? It's 11:00 where I am!!
BungieCorp : game, except to get to secret areas, but it does come in
CM72       : Whispering (I happen to love missle launcher flying)
BungieCorp : handy a few times.  I won't say much about the hidden areas,
Tuncer     : 15 MINS till give away!
BungieCorp : except that you can find all the weapons a few levels ahead
BungieCorp : of the time if you look close enough (there's a really cool
Saffron    : Queue: CWallner,Teachin, Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, 
Saffron    : LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter 
Saffron    : A, Halibut, LEW 002
BungieCorp : secret room on the last level, ignie ferroque).
BungieCorp : next ...
BartF      : Go Ahead CWallner
CWallner   : 3 quick questions: First: Who kicked who's butt at the 
             Marathon tourney at Macworld? ...
Nolen      : I hated that level!
CWallner   : Second: Did you play?
BungieCorp : The winner of the Macworld tournament was me, of course.
Saffron    : LOL
BungieCorp : Just kidding, I don't know the guy that won, but he was
Tuncer     : hehe!
CWallner   : Third: Can you make the films availalble here on EWorld?
BungieCorp : pretty good.  After the tournament was over we played a game
BungieCorp : with the top two contestants, myself and two other people
BungieCorp : from Bungie.  The bungie guys, of course, won.  I'm looking
BungieCorp : forward to seeing how good people get by Boston Macworld,
BungieCorp : where we'll have another tournament.  Yes, the films will be
BungieCorp : coming soon, we haven't had the time to unpack after the show
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : (been busy answering email, fax, phone, etc ... )
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : GO Ahead Teachin
Teachin    : First, I'd like to say your game is does indeed kick ass!!!  
CWallner   : Great thanks Jason!
Teachin    : Second, is your game going to have a VR helmet option?
BungieCorp : (thanks, teachin)
BungieCorp : Marathon works with VictorMaxx's CyberMaxx helmet, which is
BungieCorp : still in the prototype stage for the Mac.  When it is
BungieCorp : officially release (the Cybermaxx, that is) we'll release a
Ichabod    : So would that VR helmet plug in to the ADB port? :)
BungieCorp : patch to make sure Marathon works with it.  We were demoing
BungieCorp : the CyberMaxx at Boston Macworld last August.
Teachin    : how much would that set me back?? The one I saw was 700 bones.
Saffron    : Queue: Sabotage, KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, 
             Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
Saffron    : Halibut, LEW 002
BungieCorp : The Cybermaxx retails for around $700, but like I said it
BungieCorp : isn't done yet .. they're working on the ADB interface.
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : GO ahead Sabotage :-)
Teachin    : cool, THANKS!!
Boone      : ?
BartF      : Go Ahead Sabotage
Saffron    : Boone, for the last time, I SEE YOU
Sabotage   : Did finals in college get in the way of putting marathon out?
BartF      : Go ahead Keats4
BartF      : Hold on Keats
SezZ       : *** Feel free to use your "Ignore" button to turn off any 
             annoying attendee. ***
Sabotage   : SOrry one on one got me :-(
BungieCorp : Not really, I was able to plan ahead so finals were easy.  I'm
BungieCorp : not taking a full load, of course ... honestly I really didn't
BungieCorp : even slow down on Marathon, I just got a whole lot less sleep.
Sabotage   : also where can you find the flame thrower in the full version
BungieCorp : I'm glad that's all over now.  :)
Sabotage   : and Missle launcher?
BungieCorp : The flamethrower appears several places in the full version,
Saffron    : Queue: KEATS4, Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3,
BungieCorp : I think you can find it first on "Smells like Napalm,
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
Boone      : What do you study in college?
BungieCorp : Tastes Like Chicken" in a secret room ... It isn't until the
Sabotage   : IS it hidden?
BungieCorp : alien ship levels that you're given it outright.
BungieCorp : yes, it is hidden on SLNTLC.
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Keats4
CWallner   : (methinks Jason is a big B&B fan)
KEATS4     : What's with  all the talk about network games?!?!  I don't 
             have the game.
Nolen      : GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!
BungieCorp : CWallner, don't make me come over there and ... oh ..
Saffron    : LOL
FisherD    : ROFL
BungieCorp : KEATS4: well, everybody is talking about the net game because
Saffron    : Queue: Nolen, LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3,
Saffron    : Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
CWallner   : Hmm heh hmm hmm heh
BungieCorp : you get to see bodies explode and slide across the floor.
BungieCorp : check it out. 
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Nolen
KEATS4     : Cooool!
FisherD    : Yes!  Death!
Nolen      : I want to start by saying that I work at a little known 
             risc-powered computer company...
Tuncer     : Net Marathon is too cool! Get it!
Boone      : T-7 min.
Nolen      : Marathon on PowerMacs on Ethernet RULES!
Nolen      : But my question...
Nolen      : Finished the game last night.  Will new levels really be 
             available in March or is X-mas more realistic
Saffron    : The question queue is now closed
FisherD    : Nolen... wait tile FIREWIRE!!!
Nolen      : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
BungieCorp : Now that we've got all the tools done and a good team
Saffron    : Queue: LI333, LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, 
             FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
MaryT1021863 : Copycat, Boone!
BungieCorp : together, I think we'll be done long before christmas.  i 
BungieCorp : know where you heard march, though ..
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : go ahead LII333
Lll333     : Is marathon much faster on a 110Mhz than on a 80MHZ
Nolen      : The brochure that comes in the package says march.
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle in 5 min!!
Saffron    : Queue: LTC, ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, 
             Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002
Lll333     : Cause I have  80
BungieCorp : uhh ... yeah, 110<80 ... is that a trick question?
Phfor      : Hello all...
BungieCorp : actually we found that having a cache card (for PowerPCs)
Lll333     : Cute
CM72       : LOL Phor
BungieCorp : made more difference than raw clock speed.
CM72       : nice name
FisherD    : *Laughinh*
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : go ahead LTC
CM72       : aw s'pht
LTC        : You said use Metroworks. Where can I get it, how much does it 
             cost and exactly is it what is it??
BungieCorp : You spelled pfhor wrong, dude
Lll333     : Thanks
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle in 4 min!!
FisherD    : (kicking myself for spelling such a simple word wrong)
BungieCorp : you should be able to get metrowerks mail order for cheap
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : GO Ahead ETrekker
ETrekker   : I heard that Marathon used code from the IBM version.Is there 
             such a thing, and did take code from it?
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle in 3 min!!
Boone      : Nevermind.
Nolen      : Yeah, right!3
TimCarroll : ?
Sabotage   : <-------Pulling out grenade launcher and aiming at Phofor ;-)
Boone      : Un queq me, or whatever.
Sabotage   : Phofor=phfor
ETrekker   : hello?
Saffron    : Queue: ETrekker, CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
             Halibut, LEW 002
Boone      : 2:57 and counting
Saffron    : GA ET
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle in 2 min!!
CM72       : i love bungies sense of humor when titleing the levels
CWallner   : (Metroworks Codewarrior Gold is $399 from MacWarehouse)
BartF      : can you ask again Etrekker?
Boone      : Much better than id's
Saffron    : The queue is now reopened :)
ETrekker   : I heard that Marathon used code from the IBM version.Is there 
             such a thing, and did take code from it?
Boone      : Why?
Saffron    : Queue: CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, 
             LEW 002, TimCarroll
BarkerJr.  : ?
BungieCorp : there is no PC version of marathon.
BungieCorp : (so no, we didn't use any code from it)
BungieCorp : next
Sabotage   : <------Found the instruction book to make me laugh
Timster    : ?
BartF      : Go ahead Courtj3
Jamain     : Thank god!
Lll333     : Yes
Todd fox   : ?
SAmies     : Yesss
Sabotage   : <------Hopes there never is a PC version of marathon
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle in one min!!
Tuncer     : Las question before the drawing!!!!
Saffron    : Queue: CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, 
             LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Timster
Lll333     : PCS Suck
KEATS4     : IT'S TIME!!!!!!!!
CourtJ3    : Are there any different weapons in Marathon then in the demo?
Jamain     : I'll buy five copies, just don't give it to them.
CM72       : *never wanna see marathon ported over to PC .......it would be 
BartF      : Let's finish this question :-)
BungieCorp : (I'm getting messages really slowly over here, ETrekker, 
Saffron    : Queue: CourtJ3, Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
Saffron    : Halibut, LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox
ETrekker   : No problem.  Thanks, Bungie!
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle!!
BartF      : yep
Lll333     : Yeha
Sabotage   : Let's hear the questions first....
DooHickey  : Yea
FisherD    : Thanks, Saffron
Saffron    : Queue: Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
Saffron    : Halibut, LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox
BungieCorp : CourtJ3: most of the weapons were in the demo, but a few were
Timster    : Yea
Boone      : What is your major in college?
A Burke    : Let's finish the giveaway - and then all of these annoying 
             people will leave!
MaryT1021863 : Time for the raffle!!
Saffron    : LOL, good idea
BungieCorp : sort of hard to find unless you were playing net.
BungieCorp : next
Ottoman Bill : Good call, A Burke!
Tuncer     : At the end of the half hour, we'll give out another one. Then 
             the conference will be over.
CourtJ3    : <---bowing humbly
Sabotage   : LOL tim
MaryT1021863 : \\roll
Tuncer     : Next question!!!
CWallner   : Um, like does that add up to 69? Huh huh huh huh
ETrekker   : Well, may as well stay.
Ottoman Bill : Oh no!  More annoying hangers around!  : )
PBGuru     : ?
Cconway    : ?
Saffron    : Queue: Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
LEW002     : i say we all kill court..LOL
Saffron    : Halibut, LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox
OnlineHost : JasonWhong rolled 2 6-sided dice:   6  5
Ralphey    : sorry guys to late for me.  Been a pleasure Thank you
SAmies     : ?
PBGuru     : Thanks for coming guys!
CourtJ3    : <----is arming himself with pies for protection
BartF      : GO Ahead Fisher D
FisherD    : ::::SPLAT::::
SezZ       : Can we disqualify people who constantly interupt the 
BungieCorp : so who's next?
Saffron    : Queue: Boone, FisherD, FLCochran, Peter A, 
FisherD    : sorry, I've got to wipe off that whip cream...
FisherD    : done.
Saffron    : Halibut, LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox
FisherD    : ALRIGHTY!  MY TURN!!!
Saffron    : Folks, feel free to use the Ignore feature
Saffron    : just click Who's Here and select the name of the person you 
             want to ignore.
FisherD    : In the Demo and the real version of Marathon, there is an 
             option to accelerate the game

FisherD    : for a Quadra 630.  I've got a 630... what kind of acceleration 
             does it provide,

FisherD    : and how do you do it?
LStanford  : bye Jason - congrats on the best game I've ever played on any 
             computer system!
BungieCorp : thanks lstanford
Tuncer     : Boone here?
BungieCorp : cut out the instant messages already!!!
Boone      : Yes.
FisherD    : Do you use the new video buffer chip?
BungieCorp : fisherd: the quadra 630 and similar models have double-
Tuncer     : Your question please!
FisherD    : clock speeds for the cpu.. i know
BungieCorp : buffered video hardware, and support hardware pixel-
Boone      : What is your major?
Lll333     : Bungie my Role did not work
BungieCorp : doubling.  the demo supports these modes, and lets you run
BungieCorp : in 16bit low-res faster than 8bit low-res on an 840AV.
BungieCorp : pretty cool.  unfortunately this didn't work in the release
FisherD    : uh... English please?
TimCarroll : Bungie, send a 1/1 to the address $im_off and you'll stop 
             getting 1/1s -- gotta have something in the 
BungieCorp : version and is being fixed.  the patch will be released soon.
TimCarroll : message -- it can't be blank
SweetFairy : ?
BungieCorp : yes, we use the valkyrie chip.
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Boone asked your Major Jason :-)
FisherD    : cool!
Saffron    : Queue: FLCochran, Peter A, Halibut, LEW 002, 
Saffron    : TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox, PBGuru,Cconway, SAmies,
Saffron    : Sweet Fairy
SweetFairy : What are the system requirements for Marathon?
Saffron    : no no, not yet Sweet
Lll333     : Is there going to be another Drawing?
CourtJ3    : ! I got stuck for hours just looking at some of the effects on 
             like walls and stuff
Ken Erfourth : ?
Saffron    : GA FLCochran
BungieCorp : FisherD: in english "the Quadra 630 rules if you write
Tuncer     : Yes, another drawying in 25 mins
BungieCorp : directly to it's video hardware).
FisherD    : *Cheer*
Boone      : Tuncer?My Question?
BungieCorp : (sorry, i'm getting these messages really slow)
Tuncer     : Nevermind
BungieCorp : my major is classics (ancient med.)
Tuncer     : Jason, you can turn off your one on one's if you like
Saffron    : Did FLC go?
Boone      : What is your major, jason?
Tuncer     : Go to Membership, then Prefs
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Peter A
Peter A.   : Will Marathon ever be playable over the Internet?
Saffron    : Thanks Bart
Boone      : I'll be back!
Saffron    : Queue: Halibut, LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox, 
Saffron    : PBGuru,Cconway, SAmies,Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth
Phfor      : Hey Freak! I was wondering if you would be here, or if we 
             would miss another appointment (like macworl
OnlineHost : FisherD rolled 0 6-sided dice: 
BungieCorp : Bungie is not planning to add internet support in the near
BungieCorp : future, and since the game is nearly unplayable (from what I
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it is your turn. :)
CourtJ3    : Well everyone it's getting late so I'm going to sign off so 
             long congrats on the best game made jason!
BungieCorp : hear) over IPRemote, things don't look good.  Anybody want
BungieCorp : to do the coding? 
BungieCorp : later CourtJ3, have fun with Marathon.
BungieCorp : next
CWallner   : Jeez, I miss Boone already!
BartF      : GO ahead Halibut
Halibut    : a couple questions...and a comment
Halibut    : You suprise me with your support for writing hacks for 
             Marathon. Do you have any interesting...
FisherD    : Well, AppleTalk is only 9600.... direct 144.. hmm....  a 
             challenge!  get out the C books!
Halibut    : hacks that you might want to upload somewhere soon?
Saffron    : Queue: LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox, 
Saffron    : PBGuru,Cconway, SAmies,Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth
BungieCorp : go nuts, fisherD!
BungieCorp : We don't have to hack things, Halibut, we've got the source
Neglous7   : I miss the drawing didn't I?
CELLARDWELLE : Anybody got a real good backgammon game?
BungieCorp : code!  (and no, i'm not planning on uploading it, heh) ...
BungieCorp : There's so many cool things we didn't have time to do to
CM72       : ?
JonathonW  : I WANT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!
BungieCorp : Marathon, I just hope somebody else gets around to it while
BungieCorp : we move on to pursue other projects.
LADY HAWK  : hi all
ChasScott  : ?
JonathonW  : I WANT A GAME!!!!!!!
Halibut    :  Will the Macworld in Boston tourney be with the CyberMaxx? 
             (I'll be there anyway)
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead LEW 002
BungieCorp : Halibut: if you played with the CyberMaxx you'd not only
Peter A.   : ?
LEW002     : 1st i'd like to say i personally like marathon better than 
             Doom AND wolf3D....and it does "kick ass"
BungieCorp : vomit immediately after the game, you would have also gotten
BungieCorp : creamed.  the technology is cool, but it still has a long
BungieCorp : way to go.
Saffron    : Queue: LEW 002, TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox, PBGuru, 
Neglous7   : I think you guys should make a program that will let you make 
             your own levels??
Saffron    : Cconway, SAmies,Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott
Lll333     : How long til drawing?
Halibut    : Oh well :(
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it i
LEW002     : 2nd..r u coming out w/a sequel to marathon? and if so can i 
             get the demo?
Yo EAC     : ((Friendly Reminder)) If you have your caps lock key on, you 
             may want to turn it off.
Yo EAC     :  All caps is the equivalent of shouting!!  Thanks  :-)
BungieCorp : LEW002, I've already answered the sequel question once by
BungieCorp : saying that Bungie isn't talking about unannounced produts,
LADY HAWK  : ? how do i get in on the drawing
Saffron    : Queue: TimCarroll, BarkerJr, Todd fox, PBGuru, 
LEW002     : i wasn't here
BungieCorp : and if the past is any guide to the future, we may not even
Saffron    : Cconway, SAmies,Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott
BungieCorp : talk much about our announced products from now on!
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : (no problem) next
BartF      : Go ahead Tim Carroll
TimCarroll : Are there any plans on producing a "full screen version" that 
Saffron    : LADY HAWK, we are using protocol
TimCarroll : has any of the displays on it?  I love the full screen, but
TimCarroll : it is too easy to get sandbagged by other network players.
TimCarroll : All that is really needed is a transparent HUD that shows
TimCarroll : the motion detector....  Either that, or make the screen
TimCarroll : larger for us 17" monitor owners. :-)
TimCarroll : Maybe something for us 17" monitor owners. :-)
Neglous7   : I think a level maker would be the great!
TimCarroll : Any plans to update the networking code to use open transport?
BungieCorp : full screen was obviously not as well thought out as it could
TimCarroll : done
BungieCorp : have been, and of course we'd all like to have a HUD which
JonathonW  : how do i get in
LEW002     : hey gavy!!!!isn't it passed your bedtime?
LEW002     : LOL
BungieCorp : displayed the motion sensor, energy, oxygen, ammunition, etc.
BungieCorp : I think you'll see that in our next game, but I wouldn't
BungieCorp : expect to see it in Marathon.
Saffron    : Queue: BarkerJr, Todd fox, PBGuru, Cconway, SAmies, 
Saffron    : Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott, LADY HAWK
TimCarroll : Bummer. :-(
BungieCorp : and like you said, it'd be great if the game took advantage
Lll333     : ?
BungieCorp : of big monitors, but there aren't that many of you guys.
TSamson    : ?
BungieCorp : but isn't that "choose monitor..." button in the prefs slick?
BungieCorp : next
Sabotage   : Why can'
BartF      : Go Ahead Barker Jr
Phfor      : So what's the food like at the Medici? (Semper Ubi Sub Ubi)
Neglous7   : I think you should have a add-on for marathon that give you a 
             laser sight.
BarkerJr.  : (1) I'm having trouble getting a hold of Marathon; can I order 
             direct from you guys at Bungie? Please?
Saffron    : Queue: BarkerJr, Todd fox, PBGuru, Cconway, SAmies, 
Saffron    : Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott, Lll333, LADY HAWK
BungieCorp : you may order directly from us, but you'll get it sooner
LEW002     : neglous...that would be excellent!!!!
BungieCorp : mail-order (like macwarehouse).
BarkerJr.  : and (2) where are you going to school?  I'm in med school in 
             Dallas, myself.
Hoofb      : ?
Phfor      : I got this thing off the internet called Vulcan.  How do I use 
BarkerJr.  : And how do I order from you?
BungieCorp : I'm going to school at the University of Chicago (yeah,
BungieCorp : the freezing cold hell in the middle of a slum).
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Todd Fox
Saffron    : Queue: Todd fox, PBGuru, Cconway, SAmies, Sweet Fairy, 
Todd fox   : Given the shared experience here, can you give us one big 
             secret(not who killed Kennedy) for the game?
Saffron    : Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott, Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson
Peter A.   : ?
BungieCorp : ok, you talked me into it.  on the last level (which should
Zulay      : Hello!
BungieCorp : be spelled "Ignie Ferroque") there are three secret doors
BungieCorp : behind each of the three teleporters at the end of the maze.
BungieCorp : open these doors, and expore well.  you'll find another 
Tuncer     : Phfor, where did you get this Vulcan?
Neglous7   : Are you going to have any adds ons for Marathon???
BungieCorp : door and a teleporter beyond it .... make sure you're ready
Doug Lier  : ?
BungieCorp : to die when you step through the teleporter.  :)
BungieCorp : next
Saffron    : Reminder: we are using Protocol.
Todd fox   : Thanks!!
BungieCorp : and shut up about vulcan already!
Saffron    : If you have a question type a ?, a comment type an !.
Saffron    : Please have your question ready when it is your turn. :)
LEW002     : well later jason...have fun w/making new games!!! ps(send me 
             some of them..LOL)
BungieCorp : (heh)
Tuncer     : hehe
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : GO ahead PB guru
Phfor      : heh
Saffron    : Queue: PBGuru, Cconway, SAmies, Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, 
Saffron    : CM72, ChasScott, Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug 
Doug Lier  : are the 'bobs' of any importance?
Zulay      : Where's LADY HAWK?
Neglous7   : Is a laser sight for Marathon possible?
BungieCorp : of course bobs are important.  think of them as blockers.
BungieCorp : 
Tuncer     : BTW everyone, Phfor (Ryan Martell) was also involved in the 
             production of Marathon. Say hi to Ryan!
CWallner   : All bobs must die.  It is imperetive.
BungieCorp : waiting for PB guru ...
Saffron    : Neglous, we are using protocol
ItsGavyC   : Heya Ryan!
BungieCorp : yeah guys, start sending all those annoying one-on-one
BungieCorp : messages to ryan instead of me!!!  :)
Saffron    : LOL
ChrisSuley : Hi Pfhor! Did you write the "Choose Monitor..." window?
Saffron    : Chris, we are using protocol
BungieCorp : no way, the choose monitor button is way to cool to have been
BungieCorp : written by ryan.  :)
BungieCorp : ok who was next?
BartF      : Go Ahead Cconway
Cconway    : Are any of the level editors available yet?  Where do we find 
             them?  Will Bungie release it's tools?
BungieCorp : Bungie will not release it's tools.
BungieCorp : Bungie will not release its tools.
BungieCorp : In fact, bungie won't release its tools.
Sabotage   : Who had the button at Macworld that said, it's not my fault
BungieCorp : I double we'll ever release our tools.
Phfor      : You speaking in riddles, boy?
BungieCorp :  ... hopefully someone else is working hard on a level
BungieCorp : editor and will release it soon.  I'm working with a couple
BungieCorp : people over email on physics editors, but at least one person
BungieCorp : is working hard on a map editor.  if you know any programmers
BungieCorp : willing to throw away the next few months of their lives and
BungieCorp : fail out of school, have them email me.  my address is
BungieCorp : somewhere in the resource fork of marathon, and i'll be more
ETrekker   : ? (if possible!)
BungieCorp : than happy to help anyone serious about working on a map
BungieCorp : editor.
Tuncer     : We'll be giving away another prize in 10 mins and then calling 
             it a nite. 
Saffron    : Queue: SAmies, Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, 
Saffron    : ChasScott, Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug Lier, 
Saffron    : The question queue is now closed
BungieCorp : C'mon Tuncer, this is so much fun!!!  next
BartF      : go ahead SAmies
SAmies     : Any luck on any planetside exploration in the future?  
             panoramic outside view would be intense.
BungieCorp : no kidding.  we've got plans.  i was working on exactly that
BungieCorp : this morning.
BungieCorp : next
Tuncer     : Right Jason, it's past your bed time ;-)
BartF      : Go ahead Sweet Fairy
Boone      : How long till the next giveaway?
SweetFairy : What are the system requirements for Marathon?
Saffron    : Queue: Sweet Fairy, Ken Erfourth, CM72, ChasScott, 
Saffron    : Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug Lier, ETrekker
BungieCorp : SweetFairy, i have no idea.  i mean i forgot.  i deny
BungieCorp : everything ... something like 3.5meg, 020 or higher, system
BungieCorp : 6.0.5 or higher ...
BungieCorp : next
Doug Lier  : when will the game be shipped to Canadian stores?
CWallner   : PowerPC 620...
BartF      : Go ahead Ken Erfourth
Ken Erfourth : Will Bungie license Marathon engine to other game makers?  
Ken Erfourth : Heretic is an excellent game made using DOOM code. I would 
             like to see the same thing with Marathon.
Hoofb      : ?
BungieCorp : Ken, I can't talk about that right now, but I will tell you
Boone      : ?
BungieCorp : that plenty of people have been asking ... 
Saffron    : Sorry Hoofb, the question queue is closed
BoscoMan   : anybody have the 7th Guest?
BungieCorp : next
Boone      : When is the next giveaway?
BartF      : Go ahead CM72
CM72       : i have talked to the author of the marathon cheat programs (in 
             fact i uploaded the release cheater on 
CM72       : AOL ) why did you keep changing the saved game formats.....the 
             egg man was a little annoyed.

CM72       : also will your next venture be a CD based game?and i loved 
             your comment in the "Text" resource
BungieCorp : well, i have to admit that the first thing that ocurrs to me
Boone      : T-6 min?
BungieCorp : when i change the saved game format is not "gee, will this
Saffron    : Queue: ChasScott, Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug 
             Lier, ETrekker
BungieCorp : break all the cheaters out there?" ... sorry man.
CM72       : no prob
BungieCorp : marathon should be out on CD soon, and all our products from
BungieCorp : now on will be shipping on CD and disk.
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Chasscott
ChasScott  : I'm having trouble with Pathways 2.0/PPC. I've detailed it in 
             the Bungie support section.
Neglous7   : You should have a gun in Marathon the is a Pistol, but full 
             auto. Like a Glock 18, is this posible??
Boone      : ?
Boone      : ?
Boone      : ?
Saffron    : Queue: Lll333, LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug Lier, 
BungieCorp : ChasScott, I haven't seen your message and I'd bet that
ChasScott  : Could you please check this out in the next few days. Love 
             both games, BTB.
Saffron    : Boone, the question queue is close, please stop scrolling
BungieCorp : no one else here at Bungie has had the time during the last
Boone      : Sorry.
BungieCorp : few days.  we're doing the best we can to get back up and
BungieCorp : running.  sorry!
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead LII333
Lll333     : When will the next drawing be And mine did not work last time
Saffron    : Queue: LADY HAWK, TSamson, Peter A., Doug Lier, ETrekker
Saffron    : I'll tell LII via 1/1
ChasScott  : Not vital to national security. Thanks for the games, they're 
             driving me crazy.
FisherD    : LII333:  type in the box: "//roll"
BungieCorp : sorry Lll333 ... next
BartF      : Gp ahead LADY HAWK (and thanks for waiting)
LADY HAWK  :  and when is marathon coming here or are you going to make an 
             online game and when if so
FisherD    : then it will give you something like this:
OnlineHost : FisherD rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  2
Saffron    : Queue: TSamson, Peter A., Doug Lier, ETrekker
OnlineHost : Neglous7 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   5  1
BungieCorp : the online services have been really slow in providing games
LADY HAWK  : also if i can make a commet does anyone have labrnth of time
Tuncer     : NOT yet people
BungieCorp : developers with APIs so that they can move their games online.
BungieCorp : as soon as we get the information from eWorld, AOL, etc.,
BungieCorp : we'll be all over it.  Until then ...
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Tsamson
TSamson    : If the game was written to use an FPU, would there be any 
             improvments in the speed or physics model?
Tuncer     : TWO MORE question until the next drawing
BungieCorp : TSamson, I doubt it, and it would make it difficult to port
Saffron    : Queue: Peter A., Doug Lier, ETrekker
BungieCorp : to machines with poor FPU performance.  we've been tempted
BungieCorp : to write FPU code on the PowerPC because of its blazing
BungieCorp : speed, but have so far been able to resist ...
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go ahead Peter A
BoscoMan   : ?
Nolen      : Resistance is futile!
Peter A.   : What is the Modem speed requirement for Marathon to run smooth 
             over ARA???
Phfor      : Heh.
Saffron    : Queue: Doug Lier, ETrekker
BungieCorp : We haven't done a lot of ARA testing (obviously, sheepish
BungieCorp : grin) but I'd imagine that anything faster than 14.4k would
BungieCorp : work great.  We'll probably release some performance notes
BungieCorp : with the patch in a few weeks.
BungieCorp : next
BartF      : Go Ahead Doug Lier 
Doug Lier  : will the game ever be shipped to canadian stores?and will the 
             game work with RAMDoubler?
Saffron    : Queue: ETrekker 
BungieCorp : We are shipping to Canada (or will be shipping to Canada soon)
BungieCorp : I'm not aware of the specific problems with RAMDoubler, except
BungieCorp : that a lot of people have been reporting conflicts.  We'll
BungieCorp : probably have more information soon, and will make it
BungieCorp : available on-line.
Tuncer     : Bungie just loves RAMDoubler ;-)
BungieCorp : I'd just like to say, again, that I know we're behind on
BungieCorp : Marathon shipments and we're getting units out the door as
BungieCorp : fast as we possibly can.  A bunch of us even went to the 
BungieCorp : warehouse before christmas and built boxes by hand to get as
BungieCorp : many copies of the game out as possible before the holidays.
Saffron    : awww, dedication :)
BungieCorp : one last question?
BartF      : Go ahead ETrekker
BungieCorp : (isn't it touching?)
ETrekker   : You said there would be a CD marathon. Any enhanced graphics 
             or sound?  Any previews?
Nolen      : Should I be concerned if I didn't get a box with my order?
Saffron    : LOL
BartF      : 
FisherD    : Awwww
ChrisSuley : My Marathon box was touched by the dudes themselves!
BungieCorp : initially the CD version will be a duplicate of the disk
BungieCorp : version, but I'd eventually love to see 16-bit source art on
BungieCorp : the CD version (hmmm...)
Tuncer     : hmm...
BungieCorp : Nolen, no don't be concerned that you didn't get a box.  We
BungieCorp : shipped a bunch of flat packs (no boxes) to MacWarehouse
Nolen      : and MacZone?.
BungieCorp : before Christmas because we decided it would be better to
BungieCorp : send them 1k flat packs than 100 with boxes.  I hope
ETrekker   : I did mean previews of coming atractions on the CD.  Any 
Yo EAC     : and MacWorld Expo too.
BungieCorp : everyone agrees (same thing for Macworld SF) ... I'm just
ChasScott  : I got one. You are absolutely right.
BungieCorp : sorry we didn't include a note to that effect in the package,
BungieCorp : as I think a lot of people would have liked to be given a 
BungieCorp : reason for not getting a box.
BungieCorp : wow.  is the carnage finally over?
FisherD    : Save the trees!
BartF      : Yep
BungieCorp : any more questions?
BartF      : Nope
BungieCorp : death to bob!
Tuncer     : OK, here's how we're going to give away the prize. When I say 
             GO, type //roll. ONLY ONCE!
CWallner   : Yep, thanks Jason!
BungieCorp : bye ya'll!
FisherD    : Whats the answer to live, the universe, and everything?
ChasScott  : You can't play a box.
Phfor      : Later!
SAmies     : Peace Jason
Tuncer     : Remember, only once!!!!
A Burke    : bye, thanks!
BartF      : take a practice roll now if you want
Tuncer     : Thanks for coming Jason!
Saffron    : Thanks so much Jason! )()()()()()()()()( YAY)()()()()()(
Tuncer     : I'll have to buy you some ribs ;-)
ChrisSuley : Bye, Bungie guys! Thanks for Marathon!
FisherD    : YEAH RIGHT JASON!!!
Saffron    : LOL Tim
Super Suzy : LOL Tim
Lll333     : Was that IT
ItsGavyC   : LOL, Tim
Yo EAC     : Don't laugh at Tim, it encourages him.   *Laughing*
Smilin Pig : Later Bungie....great stuff!!
ETrekker   : Well, thanks Bungie, for a great game (as soon as I can get 
BungieCorp : you owe me ribs, Tuncer!
Inside Games : there they go!
Jamain     : He rolled twice...
CM72       : AOL RULEZ!
Halibut    : four times...
Tuncer     : Definately Jay
FisherD    : We should roll again!
Neglous7   : I know I wouldn't win!!! I never win anything!!!
LADY HAWK  : hey he rolled more than once
ItsGavyC   : Now now, children.
LADY HAWK  : i should win
FisherD    : MUTINY!!!
Saffron    : LOL Neg
Jamain     : lol
Nolen      : thanks, Jason.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter A.   : He did roll twice!!!!!
FisherD    : LOL guys, cool it!
Kerensky   : who really won?
Phfor      : Later guys....
HardyMacia : ?? Did I have to sign up to get in the drawing?
Nolen      : *Cheer*
Inside Games : oh no....
CWallner   : Hey Jason, we at work are also having a great time w/Minotaur! 
             You guys kick butt in the network dept!
Telesoft   : please explain this strange practice
Halliwell  : I could buy the game for all the time rolling.
Nolen      : Bungie: Whatsa matter?  Can't you get a copy?
Tuncer     : Lady Hawk, please e-mail me your address!
ItsGavyC   : Yea Lady !!
Sabotage   : *Cheer* lady hawk.
BungieCorp : great to hear people are still playing minotaur
CM72       : this is lamer haven.........goin back to AOL
BungieCorp : maybe one day we'll get around to rev-ing it.
Telesoft   : way to go lady hawk
ChasScott  : *Tim's Clunk*
ETrekker   : Thanks Tuncer.  Good job all the organizers keeping order!
FisherD    : *DOH*
Jamain     : Hope so, we used to play Minotaur at lunch all the time.
Nolen      : *  MacPuke INIT *
LADY HAWK  : hey just out of curiosty does anyone have labrnthy of time
Telesoft   : oh well
CWallner   : I agree, an update is warrated, but the game is a classic.
Peter A.   : Do we get to ask Jason more questions?
Yo EAC     : ***Thanks all - Great conference (although too chaotic) Have 
             fun and keep those AKs blazing :-) 
Jamain     : Minotaur, in a Marathon type setting...whatcha think?
Tuncer     : If Jason stick around, sure
Saffron    : LOL Yo
Yo EAC     : Bye all
ErikF      : LOL Halliwell, we'll be getting 60000 from Apple link
JonathonW  : bye all
CM72       : AOL RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChasScott  : Marathon in a Minotaur type setting
Neglous7   : Is it all over now????
ETrekker   : Good job to Bungie, Tuncer, and Saffron, the organizers of 
             this chaos!
BoscoMan   : Bye everyone, I'm not leaving yet though
LADY HAWK  : hey tuncer what name do i email
Halliwell  : LadyHawk is square but not Fair.
Saffron    : LOL, you are welcome
Halibut    : Goodbye, great game once again, keep 'em coming, and thanks!
Peter A.   : Jason, will you stick around?
FisherD    : Hey, GOD left!
Todd fox   : Bungie: which mail order place has in-stock marathon
BungieCorp : sure ask some more questions; i'll be here for a while longer.
BungieCorp : if we've still got 30+ people in here it's going to be carnage
BungieCorp : though ..
Saffron    : LOL, he did
ETrekker   : Good night, everyone!  Star Trek: Voyager in 6 days!
BungieCorp : I think everyplace is still backordered on Marathon, but
FisherD    : :::BANG:::   :::I'VE BEEN SHOT:::
Inside Games : what do you think of on-line services? 
HardyMacia : Can someone please tell me how your contest work so next time 
             I will know how?
CM72       : will there be a transcriptof this confer
BungieCorp : some places are getting stock sooner than others.
OnlineHost : Neglous7 rolled 2 6-sided dice:   4  6
Gavriel    : Jason, would you care to answer any questions about the 
             Marathon graphics engine?
CWallner   : So like Jason, who do you tink would win in a fight between 
             Axl and Geraldo? :)
Todd fox   : like?
Neglous7   : I just wanted to see what I would get.
Saffron    : I spoke with MacZone today and they said Jan 20th
OnlineHost : FisherD rolled 10 6-sided dice:   2  1  5  6  6  3  5  4  2  1
BungieCorp : AXL COULD KICK GERALDOS BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChasScott  : If a tree falls in the forest, and there's nobody there to 
             hear it, does anybody care?
BungieCorp : MacZone never knows what they're talking about
Saffron    : LOL!!
Jamain     : Jason, are you aware on the PPC firing a weapon stops motion. 
             Or is it just my PPC?
BungieCorp : (neither do any of the other places, for that matter)
Saffron    : when do you think Jason?
Telesoft   : stop that lady hawk
BungieCorp : Jamain, try setting your PowerMac to 1 or 2 channel sound,
Telesoft   : :)
Kernel     : But L7 could kick both without sweating...
BungieCorp : and turn off stereo output if you have it on.
Saffron    : LOL Kernel
Jamain     : Ok, thanks...will try.
FisherD    : (learning this dang thing)
Peter A.   : I have noticed that Marathon has not TRUE bridges. Was it a 
             big priority for you to make bridges in 
Peter A.   : Marathon.
BungieCorp : obviously it wasn't if marathon doesn't have any 
BungieCorp : no, we're doing that for next time.
Gavriel    : Jason, do you build a BSP tree to represent the static 
             structures in the Map (ie: walls)?
BungieCorp : Marathon doesn't use BSP trees.
ItsGavyC   : Nononon.
BungieCorp : BSP trees suck, because they remind me of other stuff
BungieCorp : that sucks.
ChrisSuley : What's your favorite tactic on Mars Needs Women? I'd bet it's 
             not skulking in The Coffin.
Saffron    : Bye gang! Thanks for coming.!
BungieCorp : no, I run around and spank people Chris.  Never stop
BungieCorp : running, never stop firing.
ItsGavyC   : Wowzers, how DO you people do this?
Gavriel    : Are you using a scan-line algorithm, perhaps?
CWallner   : Check out the Beavis and Butt-Head web page at 
CWallner   : (shameless plug)
BungieCorp : Gavriel: (what?)
Kerensky   : Later!
SAmies     : Peace out all must go play Marathon for the gazzalionth time.
Peter A.   : Hey Jason!!! Thanks for a great game.
BungieCorp : no problem peter.  always aim for their feet.  :)
Hoofb      : Three Qestions: 1) Are you the only programmer on the team?  
             2) How many total rewrites to the engine
Neglous7   : Bye everyone.
Peter A.   : I do.
CM72       : hey bungiecorp.........how DID the background music wind up in 
             the (FOrk?)
SAmies     : Die Alien Pfhor scum!!!!!!!!!!
BungieCorp : shoot first, ask questions while reloading.
Hoofb      : were there and 3) Did you use the Metroworks optimizer options 
             in the release and do they help?
Jamain     : Or a nearby wall.
BungieCorp : hoofb: no i'm not the only programmer; the engine went through
Peter A.   : Did you save some replays from Mac World??
Gavriel    : For the renderer.  You draw everything scanline by scanline, 
             taking advantage of coherence
Sabotage   : Well All I am going to take off and go play some marathon, 
             Talk to you all later =-j
BungieCorp : three full rewrites
Gavriel    : of polygon Z values between scanlines.
BungieCorp : we didn't use metrowerks but i plan on checking out their
Peter A.   : Did you save some replays from Mac World??
BungieCorp : new global optimizer when i get it in the next few days.
Gavriel    : Or are you using a straight Z-buffer perhaps?
BungieCorp : gavriel: polygons are drawn in scanline order, but they are
BungieCorp : drawn as polygons.
BungieCorp : we don't do any special scanline voodoo.
BungieCorp : z-buffering is very, very slow.  we don't use it.
BungieCorp : anything else?
Nolen      : Yeah, Bunge-meister...
Gavriel    : How do you do the lighting effects?
Peter A.   : Did you save any Mac World replays???
Sabotage   : When are the macworld movies going to be uploaded?
BungieCorp : yes we saved the macworld replays, peter, they'll be 
BungieCorp : available soon.
BungieCorp : gavriel: a light level is assigned to each polygon surface
BungieCorp : and never changes during the game
Hoofb      : Does the program Manipulate bitmaps or does it render each 
Sabotage   : How about adding bombs in Marathon?
Nolen      : Didja notice that the panning seems to shift 
             disproportionately near the edges of the viewable area?
BungieCorp : each frame is rendered independently of all previous frames.
Gavriel    : Does that represent the reflectance of the polygon, or some 
             absolute light value?
Jamain     : Shield regenerators would be neat in the net levels...
BungieCorp : nolen: that's the way the perspective projection works with
BungieCorp : the parameters we are using.
BungieCorp : jamain: shield refuels work in the net levels, we just 
Nolen      : So, it's intentional, then?
BungieCorp : didn't add any ... sounds like a job for somebody ...
Nolen      : Have you ever seen a body lying in a pool suspended off of an 
             edge?  Neat-o visual.
Sabotage   : How about time bombs for those aliens chasing after you?
BungieCorp : gavriel: absolute light value.
BungieCorp : nolen: never, what do you mEAN!!?!?  THE RENDERER HAS NO
BungieCorp : BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! blasphemer!!
Jamain     : lol
Peter A.   : What gave you the idea for exploding BOB's?
BungieCorp : sabotage: no bombs.  too annoying.  too much like mines in
BungieCorp : bolo.
Gavriel    : Then you just mess with the palette when the light level 
BungieCorp : peter: well, we hate bobs and couldn't think of anything more
BungieCorp : fun than having them get their guts scooped out by the
Nolen      : Right.  And Microsoft products are original creations from the 
             ground up that ship on time. :*)
BungieCorp : aliens and packed with dynamite and sent back to the marathon
BungieCorp : on a kamakazi mission. 
BungieCorp : cool, huh?
Jamain     : <-- has killed all 'bobs' on sight since Habe Quiddam
Inside Games : do the "Bobs" in marathon reflect the "Bob" of Microsoft?
BungieCorp : actually, i think we were really tired.
BungieCorp : hehehe ... actually i think the downfall of microsoft will
Sabotage   : WHat's wrong with bolo, it was the next best network game 
             after FA/18 until Marathon came?
Jamain     : ROFL!!!
BungieCorp : result from their choice of name for "microsoft bob". ....
Nolen      : Exploding bobs was a cute touch.  Not like I don't waste 'em 
             all anyway.
Hoofb      : It was not enough to do a shoot-em-up game you had to design 
             gory deaths too.  What an Imagination!!
BungieCorp : who could take that seriously after playing marathon?  :)
FisherD    : Inside:  Of course not!  The represent BOB from MACINTOSH 
Inside Games : or did Microsoft rip you guys off, too?
Nolen      : What about Bob?
BungieCorp : sabotage: bolo rules, i was just saying the mines get
BungieCorp : irritating after a while.
BungieCorp : what about bob?
Peter A.   : and BOB's don't?
ChrisSuley : What format are the alien and gun images stored in?
Nolen      : Inside: Someone's been reading Mac Week.
BungieCorp : chris, email me if you want shape formats.  (not here, on
BungieCorp : the internet)
ZooMStonE  : did i misss the give away???/
ChrisSuley : -nod- Coolness. Gotta have Barney-Bobs.
Inside Games : hehe...actually, I'm afraid to admit that my name is a form of 
Sabotage   : Do bob's have any importance at all, I know there are some 
             leveles that claim I should save them but..
Jamain     : I'm surprised none of the MacWorld reports to date have said 
             anything about the tourney.
Sabotage   : then at the end it says too many are killed if I saved them 
             all would it make any difference?
BungieCorp : leela harshes on you if you kill too many, but other than
Sabotage   : than if I just shot them all?
BungieCorp : that there is no actual effect on the outcome of the game.
BungieCorp : sigh.
Gavriel    : If you represent the light values as absolutes for each 
             polygon, how do you handle muzzle-flash?
Inside Games : <---hasn't heard much about this macworld...anyhting good?
BungieCorp : where's your humanity?
Sabotage   : COol.... Off ot kill bob's
BungieCorp : gavriel: by being extremely clever.
Gavriel    : ??
BungieCorp : gavriel: actually, it's just a natural extension of the light
ChrisSuley : Left it on the Leonardo when I got to the Marathon.
BungieCorp : the player naturally casts (with a decay back to normal)
Hoofb      : Does BOB stand for anything?  If not were they named after a 
             real person?
Peter A.   : Born On Board.
BungieCorp : bob stands for "born on board'
Jamain     : IG-> seems they liked the ZIP drive and the PaperPort
Peter A.   : I'm Right.
BungieCorp : although we only invented that in retrospect.
Tuncer     : Jay, I think Bob should get a raise ;-)
BungieCorp : Bob doesn't work hard enough.  He's always getting in my
BungieCorp : way and saying stuff.
BungieCorp : wow .. down to 19 people.
ChrisSuley : Is Bob's scream actually Doug?
Tuncer     : Bob should be answering some of those Tech calls :-)
BungieCorp : bob is doug.  doug is bob.
Peter A.   : "Thank God it's you"
BungieCorp : be one with bob.
Jamain     : lol
Peter A.   : -Bob from Marathon.
Sabotage   : So just pull out the SSM launcher and invincibility, that 
             should get him out of your way Bungie =-j
Inside Games : what's the deal with the "Tuncer Mirage Effect"?
Hoofb      : I thought it was named after a irritating customer
Tuncer     : Yea, I'd like to here that one
FisherD    : Bob should be the guy you send to call 1-800-SOS-APPLE when 
             you have programming difficulty!!
BungieCorp : teleporting objects cause the tuncer mirage effect.
BungieCorp : watch somebody teleport in a net game
ErikF      : What is a tuncer mirage effect?
Jamain     : he's telling us
Gavriel    : Is the light the player casts handled in the same way 
             room-lights are handled?
Inside Games : heh heh
Semiosis   : Hello people.
ErikF      : Hi
Hoofb      : How about a movie deal.  Bungie could one up TRON!
Semiosis   : What game are we talking about??
ErikF      : LOL!
BungieCorp : gavriel: no, it's based on distance from the viewer.
ErikF      : Marathon
BungieCorp : ambient lighting is all static.
Jamain     : Is there any other?
Sabotage   : <<<<>>>>> running for door....Waves as explosion 
             go's off =-j
Peter A.   : Bye, Keep working on Marathon Jason; hopefully we will get a 
BungieCorp : (actually it's not all static, some of it changes, but it
BungieCorp : doesn't depend on the viewer is what i'm saying)
Jamain     : It's all I've seen for lunch for a month
BungieCorp : later peter.
Semiosis   : Is this the 7:00 Marathon game meeting that was scheduled??
Gavriel    : Do you have to recompute distances between the player and 
             every visible polygon every frame?
Inside Games : yup
ErikF      : Wow.
Tuncer     : Yup, but you're two hours late ;-)
Semiosis   : Can I have a free game???
BungieCorp : gavriel: yes; between the player and each scan line, actually.
BungieCorp : semiosis: uh, like, no.
BungieCorp : (heh) ... i mean, you missed the giveaway
Semiosis   : Who won the free game?
FisherD    : We all know you have more than 2 copies to give away....
Gavriel    : Can't the light level change across the scanline?
BungieCorp : some guy pretending to be a chick.
FisherD    : :-D
Jamain     : I got mine on xmas eve...kept telling the kids all I wanted 
             was Marathon and it actually showed up.
Semiosis   : Right on Fisher.
Jamain     : Thanks for whatever effort go it here.
BungieCorp : gavriel: yes, but not horizontally across a floor scanline
Semiosis   : We need more free games.  Promotion, you know>
Tuncer     : Someone else
BungieCorp : or vertically across a wall scanline
Hoofb      : How about some stats.  How big is the company?  How Many 
             Programmers?  Are you payed well?
Semiosis   : Please, I'll be a dedicated fan?
ChrisSuley : If you have to be given the game, you're not dedicated. ;)
Inside Games : there's a bunch to be said about dedication
BungieCorp : the company is small.  less than seven people.  three
Jamain     : Get rich on just this Mac release..just so you won't be 
             tempted to  put it on a Wintel
Semiosis   : I'll go to the store tomorrow and purchase your other game?
Kernel     : Sorry, only dedicated heat pumps need apply.
ChrisSuley : Less than seven? Like 6.8 or so?
BungieCorp : programmers.  i get paid well.
Tuncer     : Dude, you get paid? No way
BungieCorp : pretty cool, huh?
Inside Games : any advice for another small company soon to release its 1st 
             commercial product?
Tuncer     : Thought you did this for fun :-)
Hoofb      : What compiler did you use?  Any Assembly in Marathon? Did you 
             enjoy your vacation?
BungieCorp : we only started paying people last month.  they think it's
BungieCorp : pretty cool.
Jamain     : lol
BungieCorp : marathon is all mpw c and 68k/ppc assembly.
Semiosis   : InsideG, I have a lot of ideas!!!!!!!
BungieCorp : my vacation was cool, but i want to go somewhere warm again
BungieCorp : soon.  chicago is freezing.
FisherD    : You mean Windows 95 or the city or BOTH???  BOTH, I think.
Semiosis   : Hello???
BungieCorp : IG: self publishing is the way to go.  advice is only that
BungieCorp : the process will suck, almost certainly, for a long time.
BungieCorp : stick with it.
ErikF      : BungieCorp, you aren't gonna make it for PC right?
ChrisSuley : "Never pre-announce."
BungieCorp : FisherD: heh.  the city.
JonWolfe   : excuse the interruption, where can I find a walk-through for 
             King's Quest Seven? BTW, sucks, don't it?
Inside Games : oooppssss
FisherD    : (thats a plead if i ever saw one)
BungieCorp : Chris, are you insinuating something?
BungieCorp : heh
Tuncer     : And don't forget to say "Two Weeks" to everything
FisherD    : never insinueate something you can't incinerate.
Semiosis   : Gotta go.  See you all later.
Gavriel    : Sure it can.  If your facing a corner, you should have two 
             polygons per scanline (ignoring the floors)
ChrisSuley : You guys are the first major game released with a lot of 
             hoopla on the net and online services.
BungieCorp : hey tuncer shuttup!!!!!
Hoofb      : It must be tuff debugging a program like this.  Must be very 
             timing dependent.
ChrisSuley : Everyone after you will have an easier time.
BungieCorp : gavriel: multiple polygons per scan-line, you are correct.
BungieCorp : i meant the light doesn't change over one scanline from one
Gavriel    : Across the scanline the z distance grows towards the center of 
             the corner, and recedes along the other
BungieCorp : polygon
Kernel     : timing...no, it's the spiders again! Get 'm off me!!!
Inside Games : how valuable would you deem having an online presense is for 
             such a company?  did you get anything 
Inside Games : positive from being on aol and eworld?
BungieCorp : IG: yeah.  very important.
BungieCorp : gavriel: remember, walls use vertical scanlines, not horiz.
BungieCorp : chris: why?
Gavriel    : ??
FisherD    : BungieCorp:  send an IM to $IM_ON with the text "on"
Jamain     : There's 4100 messages on AOL in the Bungie area.
BungieCorp : AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! the spiders are BACK!!!!!!! Gaehrr!R!
JonWolfe   : HEY YOU! What's up with this crap? I ask a very simple 
             question, and nobody can answer? 
ChrisSuley : People weren't used to having quick access to the company and 
             insiders like Tuncer.
BungieCorp : Jamain: cool.
ChrisSuley : They went nuts, as I'm sure you noticed.
FisherD    : Look in ZIFFNET archives, Jon.
FisherD    : go shortcut Ziff
BungieCorp : chris: yeah.
JonWolfe   : thanks!
Jamain     : Tuncer helped alot...least when he showed up and said 
             something everyone calmed down a bit. :)
BungieCorp : the big bungie event at the boston macworld show this year
BungieCorp : will be the burning of doug at the stake for crimes against
BungieCorp : our user base.  "two weeks" he'll shout, as he toasts in the
BungieCorp : flames.  heh heh.
BungieCorp : ok, ok, not.
ErikF      : LOL
Tuncer     : hehe! I like that
BungieCorp : but we will have a tournament.
Jamain     : lol
Tuncer     : Fire! Fire!
FisherD    : *Laughing*
FisherD    : *LOL*
ErikF      : Bungie, were you at the MW booth?
BungieCorp : fire fire fire fire cool fire fire fire
FisherD    : oops, thats * LOL*
Jamain     : Or..'it'll be here Monday or Tuesday....; but what week?
BungieCorp : erikf, i was personally, yes.  this is jason
ChrisSuley : What was cool about the Macworld tournament was that it was on 
             6100s and 7100s.
FisherD    : Now that he's gone, I don't even think he'll find it there... 
             I love doing that.
BungieCorp : chris: + ethernet
ErikF      : :-) Great.  I was there, great booth.  The setup was great 
             too.  Man the last couple days, those guys
ErikF      : were really good!
Inside Games : who won the MW tourney?
ChrisSuley : Is there anything in the game, besides the installer, that 
             isn't optimized?
BungieCorp : erik: and really tired.
BungieCorp : heh heh heh.
Hoofb      : Jason: What was the main computer you programed on? (From 
             start to finish)
BungieCorp : no.  we spent a lot of time on the game, and then punted
BungieCorp : on the installer.  sort of stupid, huh?
ErikF      : LOL, ya, but it was great.
ErikF      : No, makes perfect sense to me Jason!
Jamain     : Installer wasn't that bad...just wierd.
Tuncer     : Yea, that installer sure did suck
BungieCorp : hoofb: 840av, pb 540c.
Tuncer     : (rubbing it in)
Tuncer     : Sorry J.
BungieCorp : the installer sucked rocks.
BungieCorp : it wasn't even an installer, it was a compact pro self-
Jamain     : It worked at least...
ChrisSuley : But you use the installer, what, once? Twice maybe?
Tuncer     : Has it been changed?
BungieCorp : extracting archive.  very stupid.  alex almost got fired for
BungieCorp : that one.
Inside Games : i bet the pb 540c really helped coding (in the bathroom, 
             bedroom, driving to work, etc), right?
BungieCorp : chrissuley: but it's kinda like putting a really, really,
BungieCorp : hard puzzle right at the beginning of the game.  a lot of
BungieCorp : people just didn't get it.
Hoofb      : At least the installer works.
BungieCorp : actually i rewrote the entire rendering engine over a week
BungieCorp : outside during the summer on the 540c.  scared the hell out
Gavriel    : Do you transform all the verticies of every polygon each 
             frame, or are you doing something funcky to
FisherD    : congrats!
BungieCorp : of everybody when i didn't show up at work for a week.
Gavriel    : save time with that?
ChrisSuley : Yeah, I suppose that's true. You want the first thing people 
             see to be impressive.
BungieCorp : graviel: every vertex every frame; we actually didn't even
BungieCorp : get clever enough to only transform shared vertices once.
BungieCorp : it didn't seem to matter.
Jamain     : Best of luck Jason...you guys deserve all the success you can 
             grab out of this one. Nite all!
BungieCorp : later jamain.
Inside Games : i have no problems coding...it's just the copy protection and 
             installation schemes that screw me up!  
Inside Games : i sympathize
ChrisSuley : What would be cool is multiple viewpoints. Like a 'bot 
             floating above and behind you.
Kernel     : Any inside reports from apple as to when QT 2.0 will be native 
             (for music, obviously...)?
BungieCorp : apple is working on the native sound manager.
BungieCorp : chris: yeah, arbitrary view replays would be cool.  hmmm...
ChrisSuley : Hmm, could you derive a different viewpoint from what was 
             stored in a film file?
BungieCorp : i'm going to split in a few minutes ..
Hoofb      : Jason: What was the reason for not including multiplayer 
             gaming in the Game itself. (not the net level
Telesoft   : Jason, how old are ya?
BungieCorp : chris: yeah, easy, i'd just have to code it.
ChrisSuley : Or I could. :)
BungieCorp : telesoft: i'm five; be six in feb.
Gavriel    : Did you have to use assembly to get the texture mapping and 
             blitting code going fast enought?
Inside Games : in dog years???
BungieCorp : IG: heh heh.
BungieCorp : gavriel: yeah.  it's pretty easy to find the assembly if you
BungieCorp : poke around in resedit..... "gee, THAT didn't come from a
Kernel     : I bet you have IM volumes older than that! ;)
Telesoft   : wow, I'm glad you're not sarcastic!
BungieCorp : compiler".... look for unrolled loops.
Tuncer     : Hey J, I'm outta here. Thanks again for coming, I'll call you 
             tomorrow about the Making of...
BungieCorp : telesoft: me too.  i'm 23.
Gavriel    : You guys didn't leave the MacsBug names in the code 8-(  Not 
             like hornet.  8-)
Tuncer     : Ribs are on me ;-)
KenDuncan  : Jason: Congratulations on a great game!
BungieCorp : tuncer!!!!!!!!!!!!:: don't leave me with these people!!!!!
FisherD    : heh heh
BungieCorp : gavriel: uhhh ... because i'd sooner die than leave macsbug
FisherD    : CARNAGE!!!
BungieCorp : symbols in my code.
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