The Macworld Expo (and CES) Report
by Tuncer Deniz

This year's MACWORLD Expo San Francisco and Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES) were held in the same week, January 5th through the 9th, which presented a unique opportunity to kill two shows with one stone. Yeah, I know what you're thinking ­ poor sap. First San Francisco then Vegas, seesh! All guilt aside, here's what's on the plate for Mac games in '94.

So What's New?

Bungie Software, known for their popular texture mapping game called Pathways Into Darkness showed their upcoming game, currently code-named Marathon. Marathon is a science fiction action-adventure game and will have more of an arcade feel than Pathways Into Darkness. In the game, you are sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of colonists living on a hollowed-out asteroid near the planet Pluto. Once you get there, you realize the colonists were destroyed by alien monsters and now you it's your job to get rid of all the monsters before they have you for lunch. Mmmm, good. The new game features a faster graphics engine than Pathways Into Darkness and features better graphics, more intelligent monsters, and of course, more weapons. This exciting game from Bungie Software will be available late Spring for the Mac as well as the new PowerMacs.

[rest of report deleted for brevity]