Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Defend THIS!

Don't get angry... get M.A.D.D.!

Counterattack. Time to show those bugs whose ship this is. Defend THIS! is not a particularly difficult level to Vid. Indeed you'll find three assault rifles in a supply room on this level. But you shouldn't need them except to grenade hop (twice) to access a raised corridor (point A on the map)

Note: if you take the assault rifles one at a time you get a full load of ammo on each occasion. Take them all at once and... well you know the story. Jason Jones in an eWorld interview in Feb '95 admitted:

"There is a problem in Marathon when playing on "Total Carnage" difficulty level where you can pick up an infinite number of the same weapon. This is really annoying in network games when one person picks up all the good stuff and doesn't die for a long time, and it gets frustrating in the single player game when you pick up 15 alien weapons and can't use them! If you play below Total Carnage, this won't happen."

Well there you have it. Don't play on Total Carnage. Seriously though this bug makes for some serious strategy on later levels. But for now you shouldn't have to worry about it.

Your mission on this level is to activate the Marathon's Automatic Defenses by installing three control circuits in the Defense Control Center...




Well you know the story. Leela was confused and forgot to show you were to place the last circuit. However it's not hard to figure out where it should go. Truth be told though you only need to install one circuit to complete this level successfully. The room facing you as you enter the Defense Control Center holds the all important panel.

Interesting to note that while the Marathon's automated defenses were supposedly disabled during the initial attack by a directed magnetic pulse two defense drones (M.A.D.D.s) are very activate on this level. Maybe you didn't need to activate the automated defenses afterall. ;-)

This level also has the infamous compactor room. Getting through this has strangely enough become a FAQ. If only people would read the terminals. Leela actually shows you where the secret exit door is. Unlike Arrival she also shows you the secret terminal room which has some ammo. Don't forget to visit it.

If you're attempting to vid this level with fist only there is one tight spot in the long corridor after the supply room where berserking aliens can be useful. Watch out for compiler fire in the big room with the defense drones. Those sparks have a habit of circling around and hitting you from behind. Watch those sparks!

don't get angry... is a film of Defend THIS! completed with fist only - except when it was necessary to access the raised corridor. Enjoy.

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