Vidmaster Rules

"i rebel against your rules your silly human rules."
[Durandal, UESC Marathon]

While there is no definitive (ex cathedra) list of Vidmaster rules the following have been compiled from Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity. Memorize them.

Rule #1 Command-Option Begin New Game


Choose a level and start out with only one pistol, 3 rounds of ammo, and 1X shields. The rest is up to you. The objective? To complete the level. The Marathon Vidmasters' Page would add to this - complete the level as stylishly as possible. Too many Vidmasters not enough Style. Just Vid It - With Style!

Rule #2 Total Carnage Difficulty Level

Is it necessary to mention this? Well you'll find some films out there claiming to be on Total Carnage but there not. Don't be fooled by Spazeroids.

Rule #3 Punch All Switches.

A new rule introduced with Marathon 2. You can be forgiven in Marathon for not doing this but not in Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity.

Rule #4 Never Shoot Where You Can Use Grenades!

Another of those new rules introduced with Marathon 2. Who needs grenades? On some levels you do if you want to activate switches, grenade jump, or climb walls so don't waste them. It's a silly rule. Rules were meant to be broken. Use your discretion. My wha...?! Of course you should never ever need to use the primary trigger on the Assault Rifle anyway. ;-)

Rule #5 Never Use The Caps Lock As A 'Run' Key.

Ha! Who would do such a thing? Spazeroids for one!

Rule #6 Never, Ever, Leave A Single Bob Alive.

Cruel but true. A Marathon 2 and Infinity rule. Then again Bob can now fight back! On some Marathon levels saving Bobs is a necessity. Again rules were meant to be broken. Use your discretion. Least you forget "It is your sworn duty as a security officer to protect Bob." (Marathon Manual page 15).

Rule #7 Just Vid It - With Style!

Vidmaster Options

Think the rules are easy? Well here are some options.

Option #1 Fists Only!

Masochists need only apply! The Ultimate Style Trip! On some levels you have little alternative.

Option #2 No Recharging!

Sudden Death. The ultimate price for failure. Adds a new dimension to the phrase poenas dare.

Option #3 Kill Everything!

On some levels you must. On all levels you should. But you're forgiven if you don't.

Option #4 No Hits!

Ultimate Vid-ness! Finish a level without taking a hit. But remember - it's nothing without Style. Don't sacrifice your Style.

Option #5 Show all secrets on a level!

Not always possible without certain weapons but if it is possible these should be shown.

Vidmaster Don'ts

Don't #1 Hide Behind Doors

Don't be a spazeroid and constantly hide behind doors. It's a wussie technique. Dive into the mêlée. Endure. Vid It With Style!

Don't #2 Constantly Hug The Recharger

Yeah you know who you are! You get a nick so you run back to recharge your shields <yawn>. Walk the wire. Live dangerously. Vid It With Style!

Don't #3 Constantly Run Back To A Defensive Spot

You find a nice cushy spot to defend from so you keep going back. Wuss! Move forward, sieze the initiative, strike hard. Vid It With Style!

Vidmaster Do's

Do #1 Vid It With Style!

Expect the unexpected, do the unexpected. Be innovative, be daring, be cool. Too many Vidmasters not enough Style.

Vidmaster Creed

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