Welcome to the Carnage Soccer Readme.

If you're reading this, then you want to know why, right?

1. The guy with the fewest deaths wins.

2. Rocket Physics work backwards, have 4 rockets per clip, reload faster, and do negative damage. (i.e. the player goes flying in the opposite direction.)

3. If you don't come back to life right after you get squished you shouldn't be playing.

4. Have a whole lot of fun.

5. There is a problem sometimes with getting stuck in walls. I've done the best I can to fix it. If you get stuck in a wall you should teleport out.

6. There are only 2 ways to die. Nobody can ever get a kill. You'll see.

This map was made by Greg Kirkpatrick in December using Forge. It took about two hours.

It has an embedded physics model. If someone wants to split up the map and make it into an M2 map, or make your own map using the physics feel free.

Anything that can be copyright of Double Aught in these files including this readme is copyright by Double Aught, inc. Everything else is a copyright of Bungie Software Products Corp.

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