Coriolis Loop Readme:

These are the maps we here at Double Aught made in our spare time since we finished making the scenario for Infinity. We play these maps during our Carnage breaks which occur almost every day around 6PM. We've compiled everything here for your pleasure.

Please feel free to do what you want with these maps as far as modification and distribution go, except, please do not include these maps on any commercial product without the express permission of Double Aught, Inc. If you want to contact us, write mail to This readme and all maps are copyright of Double Aught, Inc, with the exception of anything that is copyright of Bungie Software Products Corp, and Shadows of Brooklyn, which is a derivative of a map created by Damon Swenson. Please distribute this README with the maps.

As for further information on Double Aught, check out our web site at, and further information on our next project at

Notes on the Maps:

Carnage Soccer: Looking for an outlet for his otherwise stagnant mind, Toolboi sought avenues of fun using Marathon, but twisting its original intention. Carnage Soccer is the result: a completely different kind of Marathon Carnage. The object is to rocket your opponent into the goals at either end of the map. The person who dies the least is the winner. Each rocket clip carries four rockets and rockets do negative damage.

We made a fast and a slow version of this as well.

Controlled by Gamma Light: Created by Randy Reddig, he cranked this one out in about the time it takes a gamma ray to change Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk. A non-stop carnage feel pervades every polygon. Never stop running, never stop firing, Controlled by Gamma Light is loosely based on an old Marathon 1 map created by Alexander Seropian.

Corpus Swinus: (Body of Pig?) A water sogged arena of death. It also makes a good hill map. Playing long games will result in sporadically disappearing sprites. We suggest not playing for longer than ten minutes.

Hats off to Eight Nineteen: This map appeared in Marathon Infinity, but it was really really secret.

Grendel's Happy Cookie: This is another Randy Creation. It's got a lot of nice spaces. A great carnage map, not for the weak of processor.

House of Monkey: Made by the emonkey himself, this map derives itself from David's funny bone. He's the only person I know who likes the extravision powerup, and if you ever get it, you'll be screaming for someone to kill you. Yes, it's also complete with a disco ballroom, this map will bring hours of fun filled enjoyment to all the other Marathon monkeys out there.

Mime Target: Play this on TAG. It could be really dumb on carnage. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villanry.

My Rod?: This was a map created by Randy that didn't make it into Infinity because it was too slow. It's a good hill map, but it takes quite a decent amount of twitch to master.

Reason with the Sky: We're not quite sure shy it's called that, but it doesn't matter. This has become a cult favorite here at the Office for Spinal and Torso Twisting Correction.

Sand Serif: Some kind of Font reference in this one. Randy went crazy again, this time we had to keep nagging him about keeping the elevations within reason. Often referred to as Sans 200, one of the office lackeys got tired of his slow machined compatriots and made a slimmed down version.

Tour De Carnage: This is our racetrack map. Play it on King of the Hill; the guy with the most laps wins. There are a few tricks known only to the Emonkey, and if you figure them out, you'll be the sure winner. As for the scoring, it turns out that the King of the Hill timer keeps track of seconds to the nearest thousandth for those photo-finishes.

SYBAU: Mr. emonkey's hard labor has turned yet another profit. Later some of this map was taken and made into the famous all-fist space-saucer-in-the-desert map.

Shadows of Brooklyn: Ok, we stole this one. It was originally made by Damon Swenson, but we loved it so much we modified it a little, and included it here. We think that everyone should play this map as much as possible. If you haven't played it, you're a punk.

UN Attack: Formerly known at Double Aught as the "Most Universally Unliked Netmap" this map went through at least five major revisions before it was even remotely fun. Made by the Brain in the Box, we've had to install a cerebral cortex monitoring unit to check on the Brain's life functions when we finish playing it. Notice that the AR-75 has better aim, higher rate of fire and more ammo.

Ways and Means2: This is a carnage map created by Chris Geisel. It has one of the more enigmatic sniper spots ever created. Live and die by the polygon Gods.