Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Never Burn Money

Gheritt White's Deprivation Blues

"Gheritt White had been floating six feet off the floor for three weeks." Lucky for him! We on the otherhand had to grenade climb to read his terminal. While grenade climbing a wall in the Deprivation Chamber (marked A on the map) may appear daunting that's just the first of your worries. Once you get up there you have three teleporter rooms (marked B on the map) to negotiate. Take the wrong teleporter and you're back outside the Deprivation Chamber. So you'll just have to try again.

Where's the Elevator?

For details on grenade climbing you should consult the excellent The 'Grenade Jumping FAQ' , by Thomas Ytterberg <>. It's not hard it just takes practice. A common misnomer is that you must fire the primary trigger on the assault rifle at the same time as the secondary trigger for wall climbing. Don't waste ammo. Indeed... Never Shoot Where You Can Use Grenades! Vidmasters should perfect their wall climbing. This is what Greg Kirkpatrick, the creator of this level, had to say about wall climbing. Make wall climbing an art form. Climb with Style! Also Vid-Style is getting it right first time!

The trick to the teleporter rooms is to take teleporter B in the 1st room. This will take you to the 2nd room. Teleporter A transports you back to outside the Deprivation Chamber. In the 2nd room teleporter D will take you to the 3rd room while teleporter C brings you back to the 1st room. Once in the 3rd room you can spend a leisurely few mintues reading about Gheritt White, rats, bad milk, and waves.

Every Which Way But Out!

The quickest way to get back is to take teleporter F which takes you back to the 1st room then use teleporter A. The longer way is via teleporter E, C, and then A. Confused?

deprivation blues is a short film showing how it's done. There is a very weird part at the end of the film. During the 2nd climb out of the Chamber listen out for the Pfhor fighter who seems to come out of nowhere. Man that Deprivation Chamber is spooky!

An excellent Vidmaster Tip for the Deprivation Chamber is demonstrated by Michio Hashimoto (a.k.a. Miha) in his film Never Burn Money/Miha which can be found in the more-tc-films.sit.hqx package. Here Miha collects the invincibility power-up, grenade climbs to the 3X recharger and then grenade climbs to the teleporter. When he finishes the level he has 3X shields. Now that's Style - Vid Style!

60% minimum is a complete film of this level showing another way of finishing with 3X shields but without grenade climbing twice in the Deprivation Chamber. It involves a simple grenade hop. Nice tip. The title should be obvious.

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