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Marathon - Solo Levels

7 Cool Fusion



To get out of the first room, with the inactive half open doors, grab the grenade packs, load up your MA-75, aim at a switch that can be seen through the doors, slightly up from normal aim, and fire a grenade. The switch should be hit, and the door should open.

To get to the pattern buffer and shield generator that are located on a platform far away, you need to first activate the first platform in 'The Wave,' and then run and jump off onto the ledge before you get squished. This is very difficult to accomplish, and it is suggested that you avoid it altogether.

To get into the second level opening in the first room, you first need to get the large octagonal elevator to work. Once that is going, the best way to get to the opening is to stand on the opposite of the room from the upper doorway. As the elevator starts to come down, move forward and get a step or two on top of it. Then, when the elevator is moving back up and the floor of the upper hallway is roughly at eye level, RUN forward. You may need to adjust your timing - if you wait too long, you'll get squished.


There are no known secrets on this level.






The Pfhor


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