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Marathon - Solo Levels

25 Try Again



The first save terminal on this level is just to the left of where you teleport in, and should be used as soon as possible.

The exit to the level may be gotten to from the one large room that contained the mammoth Pfhor, with the walkway separating the room down the middle (and there's no lava around). *After* the Pfhor is destroyed and you are back at full power, leave by the exit in the corner of the room. You will ride two pressure-activated platforms, then follow the passageway, turning right at the end of this passageway. You should go past lots of teleporters, but ignore these and proceed to the terminal at the end of the hallway for the jump- out point.


The blue-white stripped door near the save terminal can be opened to reveal a good ammo stash.

In the area where one of the huge aliens were located and the lava flows waay off to the left, there is a small passage several feet back into the lava and to the right. There are two things you can do with this: The left and right walls of this passage actually have corridors that you can drop into, one containing a good refill of SPNKR missiles. Furthermore, if you continue into lava passage, one of the left walls has a secret door, behind which an invincibility powerup lies...this can get you to a 2x shield generator that is in the lava and then to another of the large monsters (and near the exit as well).

Also, if you are at full 3x shields, and have killed off all the larger Pfhor, then follow the lava around the bend, and about midway to the next opening, you'll seen an alcove up to the left with a Hunter in it. Kill the hunter, then launch yourself up to the alcove with a rocket. There's a secret door that will lead you to a invisiblity powerup and Bungie's tip panel. You can also get to the tip terminal by grenade jumping on top of the small square ledge that leads to the radiation doors.

In the one room with the bridge-like structure, if you go under the bridge, you'll open the radition doors on one side of the room to reveal a invincibility powerup. This can be very helpful to finish off the Juggernaut in this level.






The Pfhor


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