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Marathon - Solo Levels

2 Never Burn Money



Don't forget to save early and often. When a save terminal is offered at the start of a level, USE IT.

When fighting the wasps, its best to use the hand gun instead of the MA-75. The latter is too inaccurate to hit the wasps. On the other hand, a single shot from a Magnum can take out a minor wasp at Normal gameplay.

Two of the circuit boards that you need are located on the lower floor in the upper portion of the map. There are several panels that have a picture of a hand on them: use your action key to open them, and stand as close as possible to pick up whatever is inside. There should be 6 of these to check. The third piece is located in the other section of the level, after you've gone up the elevator and passed through that long dark hallway. You need to have the central platform moving, so from there, try to land on each of the 4 niches. You'll know when you hit the right one, because an elevator will take you to another floor, where you need to hit a button and return back to the platform: one of the niches will now be opened, and all you have to do is get to the board and teleport out.


Down in the area where you'll find the 2 circuit boards, there is a very narrow secret hallway in a darkened alcove, containing some additional ammo.

There is a secret room located along the dark corridor connecting the two parts of the level. WARNING: getting out of this room is not trivial. Be sure to only use a saved game before entering it. Anyway, the door is located just left of the pylon on the right wall where the passage begins to narrow. Enter the passage, but don't go too far - you want to stay on the ledge you are on. You are now viewing the Deprivation Chamber. Look down and kill any aliens you see on the platform below and in front of you. Run and land on this platform, and quickly turn around and destroy any aliens that are coming towards you or any on the other two platforms. Charge your shields up to 3x strength (!). Jump down, and gather the ammo WITHOUT getting the invincibility yet. Make sure your MA75 is full of grenades (i.e. waste a few to reload a new pack). Now, the tricky part, so read all directions before continuing: pick up the invincibility, and head towards where you came in. Line yourself up facing the niche with the teleporter, the long wall on your left. Turn slightly into the wall, and aim all the way down. Run forward, and immediately launch a grenade (keep your aim down!). As you start to fall from this hop, launch another grenade. Repeat a few more times, until you are on the niche with the teleporter. If you miss, and you weren't slow, you can probably try again without running out of invincibility, or your full 3x shields should be sufficient for another try. Anyway, once you've hit the teleporter, you'll be rewarded with ammo and a VERY strange story from a computer terminal.






The Pfhor


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