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Marathon - Solo Levels

10 Bob-B-Q



The biggest difficulty in this level is the initial moments, when you are dropped in a mass of Bobs and aliens. The best strategy that I have found is to head straight out into the hallway, turn right and back up until you are nearly even with a hallway to your left. Then, with the help of grenades and sidestepping, you should be able to defend yourself well. As far as I know, killing a Bob will not affect anything, so shoot anything that moves.

There is a 2x shield regenerator that is key to surviving the level. When you start the level, turn right into the hallway, then turn right at the end of this hallway. Turn left into the second opening in this hallway. At this point, you'll need to fight some Pfhor, but after you do, a hallway to your left will lead to the shield regenerator that you can stay near as other Pfhor approach you.


There are no known secrets on this level.






The Pfhor


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