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Marathon - Solo Levels

18 Unpfhorgiven



There is a 3x regenerator and a save buffer that you may wish to get to to help finish the rest of the level. Go to the blue passage in the upper level, there is a square column in the middle of the passageway right next to a U-turn. Around the bend from this column, there is a secret door, which takes you past a window and to a platform. Ride the platform to the top, and follow the passage to a bright room that has a fast moving platform in the middle. On the two sides of the room are Hunters in alcoves which are very difficult to kill but should be dead before you continue. Once they are eliminated, you can either try to catch a ride on the platform to help you to the other side of the room, or just run across the room to the other side when the platform retracts. Shortly after this is the 3x regenerator.

In the area where the Bobs are being held, after you teleport to a smaller room, take a look at the map. You can see that you are just behind the cells with the Bobs. There are doors in this room that will release them, but be careful: some of the Bobs are of the assimilated type, and could blow up in your face.


There are no known secrets on this level.






The Pfhor


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