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Marathon - Solo Levels

22 Pfhoraphobia



No, there is no saved game terminal on this level. Bummer. However, there is no reason not to be at 3x shields from the previous level).

Unless you were foolish enough to jump down into the huge room with all the enforcers and Pfhor, you probably see no reason why that ugly thing is sitting in the green slime. Actually, that was the cyborg that you had to kill, and surprisingly, it only takes 2 or 3 shots from your handgun (!) to do so (on Normal level)


A secret passage can be found in the corridor that goes all the way around the circular room. It is roughly midway through this passage, and contains an alien weapon and a shadow power up. You can also get to this passage via a secret door just behind and to the right of you when you jump into the level.

There is a infrared powerup in a small alcove near the elevator that take you out of the pit that looks like a hull breach. It is just to the left of the elevator, and can be gotten there when the elevator is at the highest point.






The Pfhor


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