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Marathon - Solo Levels

23 Ain't Got Time Pfhor This



You can continue to return to the 2x shield regenerator at the start of the level with the use of a flame thrower. Just point down, and hold down the firing key.

If you still cannot jump out although you've killed everything on the level (including all the bugs in the large room), then make sure that you have hit both switches in the large room. *Both* switches, you say? Yep, pop a grenade at the one visible one, and on the opposite wall a new switch should be revealed. Hit that one as well, and the column in the center of the room should stop moving, and the lights should dim down. Then, if you cross the room to the teleporter across from the entrance, it will take you very near the jump out site.


There are no known secrets on this level.






The Pfhor


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