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Marathon - Solo Levels

6 Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken



Simple enough idea: go to both sides of the map and close the door. Watch out for bug attacks from behind corners. Use the save terminal early and often.

The final puzzle on this level is a bit tricky. Both elevators are initially at their lowest position, and each button activates one elevator. The easiest way to do this is to start at the button that is on the east side, hit it, run to the west button, hit it, then return to the elevators and move into the alcove as fast as possible. If done correctly, the first elevator will rise and stop at the same level as the other elevator, which you must transfer to in order to get to the final room.


There is a secret room in the level that contains the flame thrower, however, you need to be VERY quick to get both in to and out of the room, so using a saved game to attempt this is recommended. Go into the tunnel system on the right-hand side of the map, and head for the bottom left-most point on the map. This should be very close to the initial entry point on the map. Enter this corridor. You should hear an elevator start up. RUN back to the entry room, and on the left side, there will be a section of platform missing. RUN to this, drop down, RUN and collect the napalm unit, and RUN back to the elevator. Did I mention that you need to run to get this? :-) It may help to grenade jump into the elevator passage, instead of weaving your way up onto the ledge.






The Pfhor


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