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Marathon - Solo Levels

26 Ingue Ferroque



The whole level is comprised of 3 rings. You will be clearing out each ring before continuing to the next.

The first ring contains friendly S'pht, as well as enemy aliens. If you drop down into the ring, then activate the switches with an overloaded fusion pistol without moving too much, you can then run to the staircase by sticking close to the wall, and the aliens will not wake up, or won't be active long enough to stop you.

The second ring, which is actually the outer ring, has two switches that are used to create the exit to the ring. However, if you stand on where the platform will rise up (seeable on the map), you can hit the righthand switch (facing away from the wall), and you'll rise up to the exit without trouble. However, if you miss this, you'll need to grenade jump up the stairway to the exit.

After the 2nd ring, there is a small maze with a terminal and a 2x shield regenerator. Three teleporters return you to the third ring.

In the third ring, two switches activate a floor area that reveals a lava filled corridor. You'll need to drop down, run through the lava rivers (dodging alien projectiles) to get to the exit, which just happens to be the very first room that you started in. Jump from the lava river to an alcove, turn around, and jump across the room to another alcove with a terminal. Once you get here, that's it! You've made it through! You may need to run through the lava river once or twice to get used to the turns before you successfully do this.


You can finish this level without going through the three rings by standing just to the left of the shield regenerator, facing it, and firing two missiles in succession. This will get you to one of the alcoves, from which you can get to the final terminal.

Before going through the teleporters in the mini-maze, hit your action key facing any of them to reveal a secret door. Within this secret area is another maze, with some 5-d space-like arrangements. There is a switch that will change the terminal in the first room to a save terminal, as well as a secret door that leads to more ammo and a special terminal from the guys at Bungie.






The Pfhor


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