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Marathon - Solo Levels

0 Arrival



The goal of this level is survival, and to make it to the last terminal. Because of the weak Pfhor on this level, this is a good level to practice the running punch techinque, as well as circling packs of aliens to get them to fight each other.

In the room with the pattern buffer, there is a door that seems to be inaccessible to you. However, the switch out in the hallway will open the column that separates you from the door. Also, while running, you can jump around the column to the ledge that has the door.

Don't forget to fully explore the maze area: there is some extra ammo, a save terminal, and a shield regenerator. Watch out for the compilers, though!

To clear the bottom right room of the projectile Pfhor, either wait up at the openings and use your gun to take them out, or jump down and run circle around them to get them to fight each other.


There is a secret room in the bottom rightmost room on the map (A)... Make sure you approach the room from the right side (you need to open a door to enter the room). Then, with the door open, take a step or three back to get a running start, then immediately as you get into the room, break into a 180 degree turn to the left and land on the small ledge in the middle of the room. One tap of the action key later will get you a clip of each type of ammo. You can also jump across to the small ledge on the other side of the room, follow it around, and make a small jump back to the right ledge and then on to the secret room.






The Pfhor


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