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Marathon - Solo Levels

1 Bigger Guns Nearby



Again, this level is simple enough that you can save the MA-75 for later, and practice with your fists. Don't be afraid though to switch to the better gun if you feel swamped.

Be prepared for an ambush near the end of the level! To beat it, first 'waste a life' to determine where you were that triggered the ambush, then in your next life, trigger the ambush, then rush back to a save position. This works in general for any Marathon ambush.


There are two corridors that can only be reached by grenade hopping. The first is near the switch that activated the stairs. To reach the corridor, back up as much as possible from it, then follow the directions given above for grenade hopping. Be careful! There are two shadowed compilers up there, ready to give you a beating. There is also a good supply of ammo.

The other corridor is between the two Biovents, and contains some infrared goggles. Not really worth the trouble, but could be useful.






The Pfhor


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