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Marathon - Solo Levels

15 Neither High Nor Low



The most important tip for this level is to continue to return to the shield regenerator and save terminal as much as possible, especially once you get past the crushing hallway for the first time.

Once the aliens are cleared from the circular room, you can easily manuever around the separators. This is useful when you are trying to land on the central column.


In the small stairway that leads to a half-height ledge, there is a secret ammo stash on the right of the stairwell.

In the mini-maze, there is a flamethrower in a high alcove. You can either grenade jump up there to get it. It can be seen from the floor of the maze.

There is a 3x shield generator in the upper right portion of the mini-maze where there are some Hunter ambushes. It is hidden, but you can reveal it with a tap of the action key.






The Pfhor


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