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Marathon - Solo Levels

24 Welcome to the Revolution



At one point, there is a room with an exit that seems impossible to get to, and a column in the lava with a small ledge going around it. If you jump to the ledge, you'll find a 1x shield regenerator and a switch: hit the switch and run towards where a stairway is emerging from the lava. With proper timing you'll take minimal damage from this jaunt.

To get out of the level, you have to make it to a set of elevators that move in predictable pattern. When on one of these elevators, and facing out, then when the current elevator is at its highest position, the elevator to the left is at its lowest, which means that all you have to do is jump around the barrier and land on the next elevator. After the final elevator is the term that leaves the level.


After passing through the curvy passage that goes through a large lava pool, there is a room filled with lava, and 3 other exits. If you go forward and leave by the lower exit, you'll come to another room with 2 columns and a high switch. To hit the switch, you need to use a missile or an overloaded fusion pistol. Once you hit it, move forward, and to the left there will be a stairway. Follow this up, and there will be a platform rising from that first lava room. Watch out for Hunters, but at the top you'll find a room with a terminal up high and some ammo. To get to the high terminal, you'll have to SPNKR-jump yourself up there, with a midturn twist and action key. Howerver, there is nothing special beyond the terminal and the ammo to make this a necessary stop.






The Pfhor


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